All Rise (2024)

All Rise is a Chinese Drama (2024). All Rise cast: Hu Xian Xu, Zhou Yi Ran, He Lan Dou. All Rise Release Date: 2024. All Rise Episodes: 24.

All Rise Detail

Drama: All Rise (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Deng Ke
Writer: Zhang Wei
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Hu Xian Xu, Zhou Yi Ran, He Lan Dou
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Ling Ren Xin Dong De Offer, Ji Ke Shang Chang, 令人心動的offer, 令人心动的offer, 即刻上场, All Rise 2024

All Rise Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jiang Chen, a top student who graduated after the Ivy League school, Ren Jiatong who’s at a cold temperature on the outside, but warm inside, and is a dazzling practitioner of abilities, Guo Xiaoyu, an sweet and amiable woman, Yan Fei, a honest and straight-talking second-generation entrepreneur Li Ke.

The president of the Student Union, Huang Yue who is a programmer as well as Wang Lu, a walking time machine. The contest between seven interns started when they were a part of the explosion of a rental company.

The constant updating of ranking and points kept the lawyers anxious and agitated. As time passed and various kinds of cases were uncovered and they, under the direction by Bai Xiao and Song Yifan who were principal partners at Junan together with Zhounian who was a fourth-year lawyer started to realize the reality of the world of reality and their own personal struggles in the professional the perspective of a lawyer.

They began to gradually support and take care of one another. The years of working together helped them develop a close friendship and others discovered a beautiful and hazy affection. At the end of the day they realized that neither defeat nor elimination was the final word.

Whatever the path of life might take you the one thing that remained constant was their enthusiasm for the work of lawyers, and their initial goal to follow legal ideals. Everybody would continue to move forward with fear and determination to become the most perfect version of themselves and fight for their ideals until the very end!

All Rise Cast

Li Le as Zhou Nian

Huang Ting Ting as Huang Yue

Jia Nai as Yan Fei

He Lan Dou as Guo Xiao Yu

Liu Hai Kuan as Li Ke

Zhou Yi Ran as Ren Jia Tong

Wang Qiang as Wang Lu

Hu Xian Xu as Jiang Chen

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