Shen Hai 1950 (2024)

Shen Hai 1950 is a Chinese Drama (2024). Shen Hai 1950 cast: WYu He Wei, Wu Yue, Vision Wei. Shen Hai 1950 Release Date: 2024. Shen Hai 1950 Episodes: 40.

Shen Hai 1950 Detail

Drama: Shen Hai 1950 (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Main Stars: Yu He Wei, Wu Yue, Vision Wei
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Po Xiao Shi Fen, 破晓时分, 破曉時分, 深海1950, Shen Hai 1950 2024

Shen Hai 1950 Synopsis and Plot Summary

The summer of 1949 saw Wu Shi who was supposed to be celebrating Fuzhou’s liberation Fuzhou was then subsequently selected as a Deputy Minister by Chiang Kai Shek to be a Deputy Minister within Chiang Kai Shek’s Department of National Defense of the National Government.

For more details, Wu Shi resolutely went to Taiwan to take over the office as per the instructions of the party’s leadership and used his work time to continue to supply to his East China Bureau of the Communist Party of China with vital information like modifications in the numbers of forces at Kinmen Island and the mobilization of the army’s national troops during the Southwest Campaign.

Zhu Feng, who had originally planned to go back to his home in Shanghai Zhu Feng, who had originally planned to return to Shanghai when he found out that Wu Shi’s courier had died in the business and they was required to send an alternative courier.

The company needed to send a replacement Taiwan and he opted to forgo the opportunity of spending time with family, and instead traveled to Taiwan alone. Wu Shi and Zhu Feng were close to one another and exchanged many of their knowledge.

On the 20th of February 1950, as a result of being swindled by the traitor Wu Shi, Zhu Feng, Chen Baocang, Nie Zhu Xi and many more were detained for execution at Ximachang Town, Taipei, but the Zhoushan troop plan of deployment they gave to them helped in helping the People’s Liberation Army to successfully escape from Zhoushan. Zhoushan Islands and made contributions to the cause of liberation for the nation.

Shen Hai 1950 Cast

Ailei Yu as Gu Zheng Wen

Huo Qing as Guest Role

Long Ni as Li Qing

Joe Xu as Support Role

Cao Lei as Lin Yi Liang

Li Jian as Support Role

Na Zhi Dong as Chen Bao Cang

Terry Zhang as Support Role

Zheng Jia Bin as Yu Xiao Nan

Feng Xiao Tong as Wang Ji Fu

Ren Zheng Bin as Support Role

Wang Hao Ge as Xiao Qian

Lu Hong as Support Role

Lu Chen Yue as Wu Xue Cheng

Zhang Yan Bo as Wu Jian Cheng

Wu Yue as Zhu Feng

Yu He Wei as Wu Shi

Zeng Li as Wang Bi Kui

Vision Wei as Nie Xi

Qin Yan as He Sui

Dong Ai as Liu Yong Yao

Huang Jun Peng as Chen Cheng

Ma Xiao Wei as Jiang Jie Shi

Gong Zheng as Wan Jing

Zheng Xiao Ning as Zhu Shao Liang

Fu Cheng Peng as Zhou Zhi Rou

Tan Kai as Chen Ze Min

Hao Ping as Duan Tui Zhi

Zhang Xi Lin as Mao Ren Feng

Yu En Tai as Cai Xiao Qian

Xu Hong Hao as Zhang Hao

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