Beyond the Clouds (2024)

Beyond the Clouds is a Chinese Drama (2024). Beyond the Clouds cast: Zhang Yi Shan, Tan Zhuo, Yang Li Xin. Beyond the Clouds Release Date: 2024. Beyond the Clouds Episodes: 40.

Beyond the Clouds Detail

Drama: Beyond the Clouds (2024)
Director: Zheng Da Sheng
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Zhang Yi Shan, Tan Zhuo, Yang Li Xin
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Behind the Clouds, Yun Que Jiao Tian Lu, 云雀叫天录, Beyond the Clouds 2024

Beyond the Clouds Synopsis and Plot Summary

Cheng Miaomiao seventeen years old and Cheng Yaya who is sixteen years old were both born in the No. 1 Oil Production Plant in the Linqi Oilfield. 3 generations from their family members are oilfield workers. The father, Cheng Pengfei is an otolaryngologist, and the mother Jia Daiyu works as a team logistics manager.

The entire family relocated from northwest China to beach-side town of Heping Town. In the mid 1990s, Miaomiao, with a desire to be outside she accompanied her childhood love Li Si and her best friend Hu Qiumin on the summer vacation she had enjoyed during her first year of high school to embark on an journey in the form of “going into Hong Kong to welcome the return” However, it was an unfulfilling experience.

On the contrary, her 16-year-old brother Cheng Yaya climbed the back of the mountain to conduct archaeological studies and was thought to be the tomb robber. Jia Daiyu was extremely unhappy with their mother, and the children started a chaotic high school existence.

Cheng Miaomiao was a victim of an uneasy relationship and Li Si, and her brother Cheng Yaya’s child Yuan Shanqing, a wanted criminal, was moved onto her classes. Yaya is the one to defend Yuan Shanqing and resist the opposition of all angles. The children brought about growth through the transformations.

Beyond the Clouds Cast

Zhao Liang as Support Role

Zhou Jiu Liang as Fan Xiao Yun

Du Yu Ming as Support Role

Yang Ming as Yang Jing Tang

Yu Hui as Support Role

Xing Min Shan as Support Role

Zhang Xi Qian as Support Role

Tan Zhuo as Shen Yu Er

Liu Wei as Support Role

Liu Li Wei as Support Role

Zhang Yi Shan as Meng Jin Fu

Yang Xin Ming as Support Role

Gang Yi as Support Role

Yang Li Xin as Meng Zhi Dao

Wei Bing Hua as Support Role

Cao Lei as Main Role

He Zhong Hua as Guest Role

Mark Du as Support Role

Zhang Wei Xun as Support Role

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