Who’s the Suspect (2023)

Overall: Who’s the Suspect is a Chinese Mystery, Movie (2023). Who’s the Suspect cast: Zhang Xiao Fei, Lee Hong Chi, Kara Wai. Who’s the Suspect Release Date: 11 November 2023. Who’s the Suspect.

Who’s the Suspect Detail

Movie: Who’s the Suspect (2023)
Director: Zhang Mo
Writer: Sun Lin
Main Stars: Zhang Xiao Fei, Lee Hong Chi, Kara Wai
Genres: Mystery, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 November 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Zheng Jiu Xuan Yi Ren , Rescue the Suspect , Zhong Guo Ban Qi Tian , Seven Days in China , 中国版七天, 拯救嫌疑人, Who’s the Suspect 2023

Who’s the Suspect Synopsis and Plot Summary

Legal counselor Chen Zhi Qi, who succeeds in her work-line, unexpectedly winds up associated with an appalling paranoid idea that includes her client who is in death row.

Chen Zhi Qi collaborates with cop Jin Zhi Xiong to research what is going on, yet the generally dubious case is step by step developing more interesting and more bloody continuously.

Who’s the Suspect Cast

Zhang Xiao Fei as Chen Zhi Qi
Lee Hong Chi as Jin Zhi Xiong
Kara Wai as Lin Shu
Wang Zi Yi as Najib
Hong Jun Jia as Dan Win
Terence Yin as Liao Guang Sheng
Bao Shang En as Liang Xin Yuan
Kent Tong as Abdul Rahman
Liu Huan as Choi Myung Chi
Lai Xi as Dr. Zhao

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