Billion Dollar Heir (2023)

Overall: Billion Dollar Heir is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). Billion Dollar Heir cast: Choi Shi Won, Adi Kan, Jim Yu. Billion Dollar Heir Release Date: 2023. Billion Dollar Heir Episodes: 40.

Billion Dollar Heir Detail

Drama: Billion Dollar Heir (2023)
Main Stars: Choi Shi Won, Adi Kan, Jim Yu
Director: Li Shao Hong
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: 继承人, Heirs, Millionaire Inheritors, Hundreds of Millions of Successors, 억만계승인, 亿万继承人, Billion Dollar Heir 2023

Billion Dollar Heir Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lu Zi Hao is the child of a leader of a huge combination whose family has over ¥10,000,000,000 yet he sees himself having a relationship with a cheerful vagrant.

The unexpected demise of his dad left him with a ¥3,000,000,000 legacy. This will change the existence of Lu Zi Hao thinking about what his way in life ought to be. Luckily he knows that the holy messenger of his life.

Mei Leng is the man whose beau winds up passing on in a mountain acts the hero of Lu Zi Hao.

Mei Leng is loaded with disdain for him yet progressively the destiny of the two brings the universe of the successor Lao Zi Lu causing him to turn into a courageous and recognized man.

Billion Dollar Heir Cast

Choi Si Won as Yue Xi Wang

Adi Kan as He Xing Ran

Jim Yu as Fan Yu Xuan

Hong Soo Ah as Lu Huan Er

An Yu as Lu Huan Er’s mother

Yu Yue Xian as Yang Su Ping

Li Yi Man as Xiang Mei Lin

Zheng Yuan Yuan as Xiao Xiao

Xuan Lu as Kong Shan Shan

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