When I Fly Towards You (2023)

Overall: When I Fly Towards You is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). When I Fly Towards You cast: Zhou Yi Ran, Zhang Miao Yi, Li Zhi Fan. When I Fly Towards You Release Date: 13 June 2023. When I Fly Towards You Episodes: 24.

When I Fly Towards You Detail

Drama: When I Fly Towards You (2023)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Mao De Shu
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Zhou Yi Ran, Zhang Miao Yi, Li Zhi Fan
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 13 June 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 13 June 2023-29 June 2023
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Luo Yao Knew What He Meant , The Girl Who Fell Into Love, Dang Wo Fei Ben Xiang Ni, 陆遥知他意, When I Run Towards You, Ta Bing De Bu Qing, Lu Yao Zhi Ta Yi, 她病的不轻, 她病的不輕, 陸遙知他意 , 當我飛奔向你, 她病得不轻, 当我飞奔向你, When I Fly Towards You 2023

When I Fly Towards You Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the early pre-winter of 2012, Yucai Center School invites a happy student from another school named Su Zai. On the main day of school, Su Zai sees a cohort and experiences passionate feelings for him from the start.

The person is a school menace, Zhang Lu Rang, who’s inconsiderate to everybody around him. Be that as it may, his life altering events when he meets Su Zai who causes him to grasp the significance of self and gradually starts to comprehend how to design his life. Both gradually evolved affections for one another and gain joy together.

When I Fly Towards You Cast

Zhou Yi Ran as Zhang Lu Rang

Zhang Miao Yi as Su Zai Zai

Li Zhi Fan as Ye Zhen Xin

Jiang Zhi Nan as Jiang Jia

Guo Zi Xin as Support Role

Bian Tian Yang as Gu Ran

Guo Zhe as Guan Fang

Roy Xie as Xie Lin Nan

Gao Wen Feng as Teacher Lin

Feng Xiang Kun as Shen Qian Yu

Wang Jia Xuan as Zhang Lu Li

Guo Xiao Tian as Xu Qi

Olive as Ye Zhen Xin

Zhang Xin Tong as Xia Ning

Wang Yu Lin as Nan Shen

Zhang Lei as Father Su

Chen Si Si as Mother Su

Sunny Hao as Lin Yun

Yang Jun Bai as Father Zhang

Ning Zi as Zhang Yan

Li Yao Yao as He Yu

Cao Dan Ni as Deng Qin

Liu Bing Lu as Fu Yao

Wang Mu Xuan as Zhu Miao

Xu Hui Qiang as Hao Zhun
Wang Kang as Nan Sheng
Zhang Bo Wen as Yu Xuan
Zhao Yan Song as Gu Yan Feng
Zhan Ya Shu as Chen Ping
Wu Ren Yuan as Jiang Jia’s Father
Wang Yi Miao as Wang Bei Bei
Tang Shu Ya as Li En Lin
Wu Xu Xu as Grandma Guan
Chang Hai Bo as Chang Hua
Xu Ying Luo as Zhang Xiao Xiao
Zhong Xuan Kai as Cheng Wei
Zhang Zi Jian as Support Role

Lai Wei Ming as Wen Lang

Ding Bo as Chen Wen

Wang De Feng as Instructor Fang

Zhang Hao Nan as Zhou Hui

Zheng Jia Ming as Tian Hui

Hao Wen Ting as Lin Yun | Zhang Lu Rang’s mother

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