The Revenge of Flowers (2021)

Overall: The Revenge of Flowers is a Chinese Romance, Movie (2021). The Revenge of Flowers cast: Mao Zi Jun, Xu Mu Chan, Wu Pei Rou. The Revenge of Flowers Release Date: 28 May 2021. The Revenge of Flowers.

The Revenge of Flowers Detail

Movie: The Revenge of Flowers (2021)
Director: Wang Tao Tao
Main Stars: Mao Zi Jun, Xu Mu Chan, Wu Pei Rou
Genres: Romance, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 28 May 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 28 May 2021
Also Known As: Qi Hua Ji, 奇花记, The Revenge of Flowers 2021

The Revenge of Flowers Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chang Zai Tian, who has been at Zuoxiang’s Mansion for numerous years, all at once returns to his place of origin of Lujiu Village, along with his entourage, Wei Xin. He discovers that his lover, Cao Yu turned into brutally murdered by using mountain bandits shortly after he entered Beijing, and her entire own family turned into no longer spared. Due to the tragic state of affairs, he painfully grieves. Upon arriving at his hometown, Chang Zai Tian meets a woman named Ayu who appears very similar to Cao Yu and they soon develop close.

The Revenge of Flowers Cast

Mao Zi Jun as Chang Zai Tian
Xu Mu Chan as Yu Ban
Wu Pei Rou as Ge Jin
Li Chen Hui as Support Role
Cai Yi Da as Sang Dao Ren
Hong Jian Tao as Li Chang

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