Zai Xia Li You (2023)

Overall: Zai Xia Li You is a Chinese Comedy, Drama (2023). Zai Xia Li You cast: Guan Yun Peng, Song Xiao Ying Zi, Li Xi Zi. Zai Xia Li You Release Date: 22 May 2023. Zai Xia Li You Episodes: 30.

Zai Xia Li You Detail

Drama: Zai Xia Li You (2023)
Network: Youku
Main Stars: Guan Yun Peng, Song Xiao Ying Zi, Li Xi Zi
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 May 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Hui Dao Gu Dai Dang Zhui Xu, 回到古代当赘婿, 在下李佑, Zai Xia Li You 2023

Zai Xia Li You Synopsis and Plot Summary

The cutting edge and humble child in regulation, Li You, showed up at the Xujiang Province of the Daning Tradition and assumed the job of a yamen sprinter, emulating his dad’s example.

Being ridiculed as a modest yamen sprinter, Li You, loaded up with outrage, introduced a sonnet as a gift to Li Huan, a songstress who had likewise been embarrassed. Out of the blue, the sonnet acquired incredible notoriety, making him a skilled authority and grabbing the eye of the region judge.

Li You’s way to progress was opening up, however much to his dismay that being a gifted young fellow could likewise be perilous. He wound up trapped in a marriage debate between the military official Liu and the well off vendor Guan, turning into a child in-law of the two families because of a touch of destiny.

Shockingly, even subsequent to changing existence, he stayed a child in regulation and, surprisingly, moved up to being a twofold child in regulation! Luckily, Li You was smart and laid out a three year understanding, yet he was trapped in a difficulty between Liu Xinyu’s and Guan Xiuxiu’s advances.

Zai Xia Li You Cast

Guan Yun Peng as Li You

Song Xiao Ying Zi as Support Role

Li Xi Zi as Chen Ying Zhen | County Magistrate

Kenan Sheng as Li You | Young

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