The Fallen Bridge (2022)

Overall: The Fallen Bridge is a Chinese Crime, Movie (2022). The Fallen Bridge cast: Ma Si Chun, Karry Wang, Fan Wei. The Fallen Bridge Release Date: 2 June 2022. The Fallen Bridge.

The Fallen Bridge Detail

Movie: The Fallen Bridge (2022)
Director: Li Yu
Main Stars: Ma Si Chun, Karry Wang, Fan Wei
Genres: Crime, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2 June 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Duan Qiao , Broken Bridge , Xanadu, 断桥, The Fallen Bridge 2022

The Fallen Bridge Synopsis and Plot Summary

When the Zhongnan Bridge all of sudden collapses, a human skeleton emerges from the bridge pier. To hint the cause of her father’s death, Wen Xiao Yu, the daughter of the deceased, is assisted via a boy who calls himself Meng Chao, and together they embark on a quest for fact and revenge. Gradually, they discover that Wen Xiao Yu’s adoptive father Zhu Fang Zheng is hiding a surprising mystery in the back of his death.

The Fallen Bridge Cast

Ma Si Chun as Wen Xiao Yu
Karry Wang as Meng Chao
Fan Wei as Zhu Fang Zheng
Wan Qian as Support Role
Zhao Run Nan as Support Role
Gong Bei Bi as Support Role
Huang Lu as Support Role
Liu Lin as Support Role
Chloe Maayan as Support Role
Li Xiao Chuan as Ju Huai Yi

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