Summer with You (2024)

Overall: Summer with You is a Chinese Movie (2024). Summer with You cast: Meng Mei Qi, Liu Xiao Qing, Qi Jie. Summer with You Release Date: 2024. Summer with You.

Summer with You Detail

Movie: Summer with You (2024)
Main Stars: Meng Mei Qi, Liu Xiao Qing, Qi Jie
Country: China
Genres: Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Also Known As: Yu Ni Gong Du De Xia Tian , 與你共度的夏天, 与你共度的夏天, Summer with You 2024

Summer with You Synopsis and Plot Summary

An expert female world class, Cha Xiao Yu, from a major city, chooses to move to a humble community and work at the nearby grade school in Yunnan. She lays out a profound fellowship with a 10-year-old Yunnan youngster and enters the inward universe of the children through football as she drives a country kids’ football crew to win the next in line story.

Summer with You Cast

Meng Mei Qi as Cha Xiao Yu

Liu Xiao Qing as Huang Xiu Hua

Qi Jie as Support Role

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