Viva Femina (2023)

Overall: Viva Femina is a Chinese Drama (2023). Viva Femina cast: Yin Tao, Jasper Liu, Wang Yuan Ke. Viva Femina Release Date: 25 January 2023. Viva Femina Episodes: 35.

Viva Femina Detail

Drama: Viva Femina (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Lin Hong Guang
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Yin Tao, Jasper Liu, Wang Yuan Ke
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 January 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 25 January 2023-13 February 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 35
Also Known As: Good Women , Long Live Women , Nü Ren Wan Sui , Nv Ren Wan Sui, 女人万岁, Viva Femina 2023

Viva Femina Synopsis and Plot Summary

The tale of three ladies of immeasurably various characters that appears to be probably not going to be companions framing a kinship. Commonly supporting each other in the midst of difficulty in lives and finding self-esteem to make a delightful life.

Kang Zi You gets back to China in the wake of moving on from the States. Through numerous long stretches of difficult work, she functions as deals leader chief in a stylish clinical center that is controlled by her closest companion Lin Qian Yu. She’s truly proficient and figures out how to carry steady improvement to deals of the organization a large number of years. In any case, she’s messy throughout everyday life. She depends on her little girl from her past marriage, Kang Ni to deal with her.

Kang Ni who was raised by her grandma is a housework master and has a profound interest in culinary cooking and table setting. She offered different sorts of good food that would be useful for her mom. In the wake of meeting with her senior, her date was interfered with ordinarily to deal with her mom. She longs for her own life yet can’t let her mom be.

Another specialist, Nie Yun Ze came to the clinical focus, making swells in their quiet life. From that point forward, the messy Kang Zi You and the slick oddity Nie Yun Ze are generally in conflict with one another yet in addition fills nearer simultaneously.

Simultaneously, Lin Qian Yu’s marriage gives left Kang Zi You with no decision except for to collaborate and settle their issue along with her ex’s better half Meng Yu Shan.

Viva Femina Cast

Yin Tao as Kang Zi You
Jasper Liu as Nie Yun Ze
Wang Yuan Ke as Meng Yu Shan
Kira Shi as Lin Qian Yu
Wang Ce as Shen Cheng Feng
Lu Chen Yue as Kang Ni
Ren Zhong as Support Role
Liu Li Li as Support Role
Yue Yao Li as Support Role
Zhang Shu as Support Role
Wang Yu as Support Role
Yuan Wen Kang as Support Role
Kong Lin as Support Role
Lin Meng as Teaching assistant
Oscar He as Chen Zhe
Lu Yu Hao as Shen Xin
Wang Yi Fei as Guest Role
X as Guest Role

Additional Cast

Yu Yao as Shen Hang

Milky Wang as Mrs. Wang

Bai Lan as Wang Meng

Sui Lan as Deng Wei Wei

Tao Hai as Director Luo

Han Shuo as Yang Zhao

Serina Huang as Qiu Qiu

Ren Luo Min as Uncle Zhao

Liu Yang Zi as Niu Xiao Na

Zhu Xin Yuan as Wan Li

Jiang Rong as Sister Zhong

Yan Jing Yao as Sister Zhao

Zhu Wei Wei as Vice President Han

Cao An Di as Director Cao

Jiang Jian as Curator

Qu Gang as Wang Dong

Zheng Xiao Wan as Meng Yu Shan’s aunt

Han Long Xuan as Meng Yu Shan’s uncle

Han Shu Mei as Meng Yu Shan Young

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