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Jang Ryool is a Korean Chinese maker, scriptwriter, and chief. Zhang was initially a writer prior to setting out on a lifelong in film. His arthouse films have for the most part centered around the disappointed, especially ethnic Koreans living in China.

He started his vocation with a short film Eleven (2000) which was welcome to Venice Global Film Celebration.

He used to show Chinese Writing at Yanbian College in Jilin and composed books prior to changing his way to the entertainment world. He is a third-age Korean Chinese and this foundation has furnished him with an exceptional consideration on Korean diaspora which reaches out to North Korean evacuees.

He appeared with an element Tang Verse (2003) which was debuted at Locarno Global Film Celebration and kept on making his subsequent component Grain in Ear (2005) that won the New Flows Grant at Busan Worldwide Film Celebration and Corrosive honor at Cannes Pundits’ Week. His following movies additionally gathered various honors at acclaimed worldwide film celebrations including Desert Dream (2007), which was chosen to the Opposition of Berlin Global Film Celebration, the sequential motion pictures Chongqing (2007) and Iri (2008), which are set in two urban communities in Korea and China, and Dooman Stream (2010) which was chosen to the Age Segment at Berlin Global Film Celebration.

His most recent movies are Landscape (2013), Gyongju (2014), Love and… (2015), Tribute to the Goose (2018), and Fukuoka (2019). His 2016 film A Tranquil Dream (2016) was presented as the initial film at Busan Global Film Celebration.


First Name: Ryul
Native Name: 장률
Also Known as: Zhang Lu, Jang Ryul, Jang Ryool
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: 30 May 1962
Age: 60


Yanagawa (2021)

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