Reopen My Journals (2024)

Reopen My Journals is a Chinese Drama (2024). Reopen My Journals cast: Li Yun Rui, Huangyang Tian Tian, Ni Hong Jie. Reopen My Journals Release Date: 2024. Reopen My Journals Episodes: 40.

Reopen My Journals Detail

Drama: Reopen My Journals (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Li Zhi
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Li Yun Rui, Huangyang Tian Tian, Ni Hong Jie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Reopen My Journals trailer, To Myself in 1999, Open My Journals, Zhi 1999 Nian De Zi Ji, 致1999年的自己, Reopen My Journals 2024

Reopen My Journals Synopsis and Plot Summary

Qian Jiayue is a 15-year-old “good girl” who was admitted to a major secondary school within the city. There she was forced to confront a variety of academic difficulties.

The plan she had to declare her affection to her neighbor’s oldest brother, who is the highest zodiac sign Han has also come to the sand.

My brother is smart, but he is always in trouble. Qian Jiayue dated Chen Mo , a new acquaintance with a fun character, and the girls developed within their relationship.

While at the same time parents are dealing with several life changes like family crises and family restructuring.

Following Chen Xiu’e returned to the city as a young, educated person She was not with Qian Jiayue over a long period of time as there existed a rift between the mother and daughter.

Chen Pengyu is said to be elite, but he has been raising Chen Mo, an “unsatisfactory” and rebellious daughter Chen Mo.

Following the battle among fathers and daughters the father realizes that every generation is assigned the same “mission”. Following the shrewd Guan Aiping was dismissed and she was able to raise Xiao Han alone .

“The “little boss” Zhang Qiming was able to work with Maotou, his childish son after a series of changes and twists, Zhang Qiming organized his family around Guan Aiping. Things are changing, but the family bonds remain unaltered, and the love of neighborly care for one the other is unchanging.

Reopen My Journals Cast

Li Yun Rui as Xiao Han

Huangyang Tian Tian as Qian Jia Yue

Ni Hong Jie as Chen Xiu E

Yang Hao Yu as Zhang Qi Ming

Chen He Yi as Mao Tou

Zhang Xin Yi as Chen Mo

Huang Yi as Chang Wu Ji

Chen Fang Tong as Ka Men

Liu Zeng Yu as Liu Jian Feng

Dong Jie as Guan Ai Ping

Yu En Tai as Qian Kang

Yang Kun as Grandma Chen

Yue Yang as Liu Song Ming

Jiang Shi Meng as A Pei

Cheng Li Sha as Zhao Rong Fang

Cao Wei Yu as Chen Peng Yu

Lai Wei Ming as Unknown

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