Snow Leopard Season 2 (2024)

Snow Leopard Season 2 is a Chinese Drama (2024). Snow Leopard Season 2 cast: Zhang Ming En, Feng Yue, Yang Zi Hua. Snow Leopard Season 2 Release Date: 2024. Snow Leopard Season 2 Episodes: 40.

Snow Leopard Season 2 Detail

Drama: Snow Leopard Season 2 (2024)
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Zhang Ming En, Feng Yue, Yang Zi Hua
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 2
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Snow Leopard 2, Xue Bao 2, Xue Bao Di Er Ji, 雪豹2, 雪豹 第2季‎,雪豹 第二季‎, Snow Leopard Season 2 2024

Snow Leopard Season 2 Synopsis and Plot Summary

In during the War of Liberation , Liu Zhihui as an officer in Kuomintang, was a witness and personally witnessed the ugliest activities of Kuomintang while combating the civil conflict.

After suffering through difficulties, he realized that he was in a complicated and dangerous situation He led his Kuomintang soldiers to give up during the uprising, and then joined the in the ranks of People’s Liberation Army.

In the struggle for freedom, Liu Zhihui gave full use to his knowledge and courage, as well as his combat skills.

In the battle that lasted for thousands of miles into Dabie Mountains, Liu Zhihui led the way.

Dabie Mountains, Liu Zhihui helped his troops fight bloody battles, without fear of fierce adversaries, and to maneuver in extremely difficult conditions, paving path for the massive army and making an unique element to development of the Central Committee’s force for deployment.

Then, Liu Zhihui grew into an armed communist with impressive skills and a strong belief.

Snow Leopard Season 2 Cast

Zhang Ming En as Liu Zhi Hui

Feng Yue as Wu Tian Hui

Yang Zi Hua as Support Role

Wu Cheng Xuan as Support Role

Wang Ze Lin as Support Role

Hu Jun as Support Role

Yue Jia Yi as Ma Ming Yue

Wang Xing Chen as Du Jin Biao

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