G.O.D: Game of Death (2024)

G.O.D: Game of Death is a Chinese Thriller, Drama (2024). G.O.D: Game of Death cast: Wang Yan Lin, Yu Lang, Su Xin. G.O.D: Game of Death Release Date: 2024. G.O.D: Game of Death Episodes: 26.

G.O.D: Game of Death Detail

Drama: G.O.D: Game of Death (2024)
Director: Shu Peng Yang
Main Stars: Wang Yan Lin, Yu Lang, Su Xin
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 26
Also Known As: Game of Death, 杀手世界, 幻境猎手, G.O.D: Game of Death 2024

G.O.D: Game of Death Synopsis and Plot Summary

G.O.D: Game of Death is an adaptation of the story “Killer World” by Hong Kong writer Gu Qi.

The story is told through Beautiful Island, an imaginary city that is closed off, an uncontaminated land in the post-apocalypse world of pollution.

Liu Zetian, who owed enormous gaming debts, and then lost the memory turned into a murderer in the midst of a desperate.

In the novel in the story, hunters, undercover officers and police stations are involved on the gorgeous island.

As the situation becomes obvious, they find that there’s a greater conspiracy waiting to be discovered.

G.O.D: Game of Death Cast

Wang Yan Lin as Liu Ze Tian

Yu Lang as Julia

Su Xin as Support Role

Chang Shi Xin as Lin Xin Yuan

Chen Yu Si as Yu Luo Cha / Jade Rakshasa

Josephine Yu as Zhao Man Ying

Luo Kang as Ban Zhong

Dino Lee as Ah Zheng

Zhang Li Wei as Support Role

Liao Meng Yan as Support Role

Wang Yi Quan as Support Role

Xu Li as Mo Yu

Yu Yong Hai as Support Role

Diao Biao as Unknown

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