Rebirth For You (2021)

Overall: Rebirth For You is a Chinese Drama, Romance (2021). Rebirth For You cast: Ju Jing Yi, Joseph Zeng, Marius Wang. Rebirth For You Release Date: 17 October 2021. Rebirth For You Episodes: 40.

Rebirth For You Detail

Drama: Rebirth For You (2021)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Zhi Lei
Writer: Ju Fang Fang
Main Stars: Ju Jing Yi, Joseph Zeng, Marius Wang
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 17 October 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 17 October 2021-22 November 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Mu Nan Zhi, 慕南枝, Rebirth For You 2021

Rebirth For You Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jiang Bao Ning, the princess of Jianan County, grows up inside the palace in view that youth. She stays carefree no matter understanding that there’s no freedom inside the palace walls and does not need for use as a puppet.

Thus, relying on her own ingenuity, she resists the destiny of turning into a tool within the internal palace preventing.

Li Qian, a protect of the Imperial Army, desires to understand the truth at the back of a few events many years ago. He works difficult to are seeking for a higher role inside the palace, just to get relevant clues.

They are humans with vastly exclusive personalities who meet by hazard and love every different. In order to reverse their very own future, they paintings collectively, look ahead to breaking via the barriers of identification and stay with their cherished ones for a lifetime.

Rebirth For You Cast

Ju Jing Yi as Jiang Bao Ning / Princess Jia Nan
Joseph Zeng as Li Qian
Marius Wang as Zhao Xiao
Wang Yi Ting as Li Dong Zhi
Li Yi Zhen as Gao Miao Rong
Li Yun Rui as Qing An
Cao Cui Fen as Grand Empress Dowager
Yvonne Yung as Empress Dowager
Huang Hai Bing as Li Chang Qing
Zhou Zhao Yuan as Zhao Yi Emperor
Song Xin Ran as Bai Su
Lan Xi as Mrs. He
Pan Hong as Empress Dowager Cao
Tang Zheng Zong as Jiang Zhen Yuan
Ma Wen Zhong as Jian Wang
Guo Jia Nan as Jiang Lu
Chen Yang as Cao Xuan
Zhang Yan Yan as Feng Qiao Pavilion Master
Lu Ting Yu as Dong Shan Hu
Hua Wen as Han Tong Xin
Zhang Jia Rui as Jin Xiao
Jiang Shan as Qing Ke Bao Ning’s maidservant
Kuma as Li Lin
He Yi Chen as Qing Tai
Zhao Xuan He as Liu Xiao Man
Fan Bo as Wei Qu
Pei Lei as Guan Ju
Yin Rou Yi as Qin Yu
Yoko Zhang as Liu He
Guo Jin Dong as Si Qin
Chen Yu Tong as Wang Ji Dao
Wang Yu as Gao Fu Yu
Chang Zhe Kuan as Yun Lin
Mou Kai Kai as Xie Jian Feng
Geng Li Ming as Mrs. Ding Bei Hou
Sissy Lin as Wei Zhi
Shang Qi as Zhang Duo Lan
Grace Zhang as Lu Wan
Eric Zhang as Qing Tai Young
Wang Jian Xin as Min Zhou
Yu Nai Jia as Unknown
Bai Xin Yi as Unknown
Liu Hao Yan as Unknown
Gao Rong as Unknown

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