The Last Goodbye to Mama (2021)

Overall: The Last Goodbye to Mama is a Chinese Drama (2021). The Last Goodbye to Mama cast: Angel Dong, Yin Fang, Zhao Wei. The Last Goodbye to Mama Release Date: 13 October 2021. The Last Goodbye to Mama Episodes: 30.

The Last Goodbye to Mama Detail

Drama: The Last Goodbye to Mama (2021)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Cao Dun, Jing Chong
Writer: Gong Xue
Main Stars: Angel Dong, Yin Fang, Zhao Wei
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 13 October 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 13 October 2021-10 November 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: 99 Things With My Mom , Zai Jian La Mu Qin Da Ren , 再见啦!母亲大人 , 与母亲的99件小事, 再见啦母亲大人, The Last Goodbye to Mama 2021

The Last Goodbye to Mama Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story of hope and melancholy surrounding the lives of a mother and son from a small metropolis in Subei.

The 18-year-old Ding Xiao Jun who lives together with his mother Ding Bi Yun has been admitted to a university in Beijing. However, as soon as he entered university, he’s ridiculed by using his classmates. Ding Xiao Jun starts to insurrection till he receives a warning that he’ll now not graduate. Luckily, his mother receives thru to him in time for him to pull himself together and earn sufficient credit to graduate.
Ding Xiao Jun enters society complete of passion and desire, however is scammed and left to wander Japan as a bum for months. Beginning to recognize all the hardships his mother went thru for him, Xiao Jun manages to make a long-distance call to her with the intention to go back domestic.

During New Year’s Eve of 2010, Ding Xiao Jun learns that he has landed a job in Beijing. What regarded like the proper beginning to a a brand new chapter in his life is met with horrible information that will affect the 2 maximum vital girls in his lifestyles. Ding Bi Yun has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Ding Xiao Jun is now faced with two choices?—to hold building his profession in Beijing or to go back domestic and live with his mother in the course of her final days.

The Last Goodbye to Mama Cast

Angel Dong as Ding Bi Yun
Yin Fang as Ding Xiao Jun
Zhao Wei as Fu Qiang
Lu Fang Sheng as Mei Zhong
Cai Lu as Ding Jian Hua
Wang Chu Ran as Yu Ya
Esther Chen as Yin Yi
Jiang Xue Ming as Xu Tian
Zhang Yao as Cui Shan Shan
Ran Xu as Mai Ke Ran
Gu Wen Ze as Ding Xiao Jun Young
Qu Zha Zha as Ding Bi Xia
Zeng Qi as Fang Fang
Gong Lei as Support Role
He Xuan Lin as Jia Ni Ni
Du Shuang Yu as Support Role
Gong Zheng Ye as Support Role
Jin Duo Duo as Guest Role

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