Post Truth (2022)

Overall: Post Truth is a Chinese Comedy, Movie (2022). Post Truth cast: Da Peng, Li Xue Qin, Yin Zheng. Post Truth Release Date: 31 December 2022. Post Truth.

Post Truth Detail

Movie: Post Truth (2022)
Director: Da Peng
Writer: Da Peng
Main Stars: Da Peng, Li Xue Qin, Yin Zheng
Country: China
Genres: Comedy, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 December 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: 洗白白, 保你平安, Post Truth 2022

Post Truth Synopsis and Plot Summary

Due to a promise, cemetery income rep Wei Ping An embarks on the street to remedy the rumors surrounding his consumer Han Lu.

Wei Ping An is a former mob boss who is now in his middle age and destitute. He makes a residing by selling burial plots. After his client Han Lu “moved in” and got stuck in an issue, the burial web page become in threat of being forcibly demolished.

Wei Ping An attempts each method to find out the truth best to realise that the people who unfold rumors in reality do now not care about the fact. Instead, they rely upon the fact they accept as true with in. Wei Ping An himself is stuck in a new rumor.

Post Truth Cast

Da Peng as Wei Ping An

Li Xue Qin as Wei Ru Yi

Yin Zheng as Tony

Wang Xun as Qi Zhi Fu

Wang Sheng Di as Wei Mo Li

Ma Li as Mrs. Feng

Bai Yu as Support Role

Victoria Song as Han Lu

Jia Bing as Director Jin

Yang Di as Yi Zhi Hua

Pan Bin Long as Support Role

Ni Hong Jie as Support Role

Qiao Shan as Hu Liang

Yu Yang as Support Role

Liu Jin Shan as Support Role

Cao Bing Kun as Support Role

Liang Chao as Support Role

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