My Marvellous Fable (2023)

Overall: My Marvellous Fable is a Chinese Adventure, Romance Drama (2023). My Marvellous Fable cast: Fei, Miles Wei, Ye Sheng Jia. My Marvellous Fable Release Date: 2023. My Marvellous Fable Episodes: 12.

My Marvellous Fable Detail

Drama: My Marvellous Fable (2022)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Li Nan
Main Stars: Fei, Miles Wei, Ye Sheng Jia
Country: China
Genres: Adventure, Romance Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Qi Miao Zheng Zai Shu Ru Zhong , 奇妙正在書入中, 奇妙正在书入中, My Marvellous Fable 2022

My Marvellous Fable Synopsis and Plot Summary

By danger, first-class-selling author Wang Pu Tao and rookie editor Feng Tian Lan have to turn out to be colleagues. The tale unfolds through their marvellous adventures in their adventure home.

After being attracted through a novel, Feng Tian Lan ends up operating at a publishing house. He by no means expected that his first mission could be to ship reminders. Eccentric author Wang Pu Tao has no longer but submitted her new paintings.

She runs into Feng Tian Lan on the bar. Wang Pu Tao tells Feng Tian Lan that he wishes to conform to her terms if he needs her to publish her work. As an end result, the two embark on an adventure together.

My Marvellous Fable Cast

Fei as Wang Pu Tao
Miles Wei as Feng Tian Lan
Ye Sheng Jia as Zhang Hai Bei
Bella Liang as Gui Xiang
Francis Chai as Support Role
Li Chun Lee as Wang He Ping
Viola Mi as Luna
Gao Qiu Zi as Zi Yun
Wei Lai as Lady Boss
Wu Cheng Xu as Xu You Guang

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