In Spite of the Strong Wind (2023)

Overall: In Spite of the Strong Wind is a Chinese Drama (2023). In Spite of the Strong Wind cast: Jin Dong, Song Jia, Tian Yu. In Spite of the Strong Wind Release Date: 1 January 2023. In Spite of the Strong Wind Episodes: 40.

In Spite of the Strong Wind Detail

Drama: In Spite of the Strong Wind (2023)
Director: Fei Zhen Xiang
Main Stars: Jin Dong, Song Jia, Tian Yu
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 January 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 1 January 2023-19 January 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Zong You Ji Feng Qi , If Spite of the Strong Wind, 纵有疾风起, In Spite of the Strong Wind 2023

In Spite of the Strong Wind Synopsis and Plot Summary

At the point when Tang Chen’s profession was blasting, he needed to go into chapter 11 when he was “selled” by his sweetheart Shuo Bing. Be that as it may, soon he pulled out from the bog of disappointment and effectively dedicated himself to the subsequent endeavor. Sha Zhou, an old buddy for a long time, has a phenomenal composing style, however he has forever been a discouraged little journalist. With the influence of Tang Chen and the help of his better half, he was quick to join the pioneering group.

As indicated by the division of work inside the group, Tang Chen and Sha Zhou cooperated to track down Hou Zhi, Zhu Ran, and Bai Ying, and set up a dim whale advertising organization. Tang Chen involved his industry discernment for a long time to effectively look for clients, lead his accomplices to defeat challenges, assist with pigging feed head honcho Xie Liqiang to fabricate a public picture, push the incensed heavenly satire, and win Feida’s advertising contract.

Notwithstanding, in a showdown with a contending organization, Tang Chen found an obscure mystery between Shuo Bing and Ye Shou Ru. With the worry of another personality, Tang Chen and Shuo Bing experienced passionate feelings for and killed one another, and after a couple of games, they at long last figured out Shuo Bing’s apparently heartless decision.

Eventually, the two collaborated to rebuff Ye Shou Ru, the offender who caused Shuo Bing’s dad to end it all, and reunited. Each individual from Dim Whale PR likewise understood their own worth.

In Spite of the Strong Wind Cast

Jin Dong as Tang Chen

Song Jia as Shuo Bing

Tian Yu as Sha Zhou

Eric Le Yang as Zhu Ran

Wang Yu Wen as Support Role

Zhang Yao as Support Role

Morni Chang as Support Role

Cao Xi Wen as Support Role

Li Hong Tao as Support Role

Liang Jing as Support Role

Hai Yi Tian as Support Role

Sun Chun as Support Role

Liu Bin as Support Role

Sha Bao Liang as Support Role

Oscar He as Shuo Yu

Qi Dao as Classmate

Xin Zhi Lei as Guest Role

Zeng Li as Guest Role

Zhu Zhu as Guest Role

Zhang Duo as Guest Role

Li Nai Wen as Hun Hun Tou Zi

Yue Yang as Huang Yao Zu

Vila Fan as Hu Jing Jing

Wu Mian as Tang Chen’s mother

Ni Da Hong as Tang Chen’s father

Yang Kun as Hou Zhi’s mother

Pu Chao Ying as Xie Qi

Hans Cui as Xu Kun

Ji Dong Ran as Support Role

Qi Dao as Classmate

Li Hao Zhen as Classmate

Zeng Xue Yao as Support Role

Chen Ran as Support Role

Ji Dong Ran as Support Role

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