Love of Petals (2024)

Love of Petals is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Love of Petals cast: Li Lin Fei, He Chang Xi, Wang Hao Xuan. Love of Petals Release Date: 2024. Love of Petals Episodes: 16.

Love of Petals Detail

Drama: Love of Petals (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Huang Ying Xiang
Main Stars: Li Lin Fei, He Chang Xi, Wang Hao Xuan
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Falling Blossoms, I’m in Love with the Flower Fairy ,Petals of Love, Luo Hua Qing Cheng, Wo He Hua Yao Lian Ai Le, 我和花妖恋爱了, 落花傾城, 我和花妖戀愛了,落花倾城, Love of Petals 2024

Love of Petals Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells a love tale that spans the years and races between Gu Qingcheng, a girl with a turbulent destiny and dependent on others and Lu Gengyun, who is a half-demon and half-fairy with a tragic experience in her life.

Two became blissful “mentor-disciple enemy” due to the connection between them “flower spirit”. After a string of occurrences, their bond began to warm up. After many years and many reincarnations and reincarnation, they found their destined love.

Gu Qingcheng’s parents were young and she was entrusted by her parents to their daughter with the Sun family prior to their passing. She was reputedly the oldest member from her family, which was the Sun family, however in reality, it was actually one of the “child bride” of Sun Pingkang who was the eldest child from Sun Pingkang, the eldest son of Sun family.

He took over the mantle of his father, a gardener, and set out to be the best gardener. He was awarded the first prize in a grass-fighting contest and became a legend through many trials and eventually became The Flower Fairy.

In the course of an accident, that occurred when Gu Qingcheng was young, Gu Qingcheng was injured when she was young, and the “flower spirit” of the half-demon Lu Gengyun walked into her body. From that point on, the two were bonded through blood, creating an unbreakable bond that spans two lives.

The two were reunited over 10 years later. Lu Gengyun who lost the flower spirit and harmed the fairy roots of his, wished to get rid of the flower spirit However, he realized that the spirit of the flower was already in blood to Gu Qingcheng.

If he snatched her away with force, he’d lose his life. Lu Gengyun felt compassion for her and chose to claim to be”the “Fairy Lord of Hundred Flowers” and accept Gu Qingcheng as his pupil.

From that point on, the couple of happy master-disciple adversaries were able to share experiences like”The “Grass Fighting Conference”, “The Case of Si Shulun”, “Eucalyptus globulus has met the release bird”, “Little Daisy’s first love” and many more and their affection for one another had a deep roots in one their mutual respect for each other.

They teamed up to defeat Ya Sui and in the course of battle, they realized their real love. Then, Gu Qingcheng jumped off the Zhuxian Platform, ended his life, and reincarnated.

Love of Petals Cast

Li Lin Fei as Gu Qing Cheng

He Chang Xi as Lu Geng Yun

Huang Hao Wen as Mister Bai

Liu Yu Tong as Qing Luan True Lord

Wang Neng as Princess Consort Ning

Wang Mu Xuan as Wu Shuang

Wang Hao Xuan as Yu Xiao Xian Jun

Sun Qi Xuan as Lan An

Qi Cai as Qian Si

Xie Ze Cheng as Ye You

Gao Ji Cai as Sun Ping Kang

Huai Wen as Support Role

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