A Better Life (2024)

A Better Life is a Chinese Drama (2024). A Better Life cast: Betty Sun, Dong Zi Jian, Myolie Wu. A Better Life Release Date: 2024. A Better Life Episodes: 36.

A Better Life Detail

Drama: A Better Life (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Wang Jun
Writer: Fei Hui Jun
Main Stars: Betty Sun, Dong Zi Jian, Myolie Wu
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Man Hao De Ren Sheng, San Shi Jiu Er Shi Ba, 蠻好的人生, 蛮好的人生, 三十九二十八, A Better Life 2024

A Better Life Synopsis and Plot Summary

A thirty nine years old insurance specialist believed she was on the verge of attain the top of her career, however she ended her marriage and job in the same year.

Hu Manli was fired by her company for an insidious obstruction of her rivals, and the responsible party was the 28-year-old Xue the Xiaozhou.

After a series of encounters with Xue Zhuozhou, Hu Manli gradually went from mistrust to mutual understanding. Hu Manli decided to put aside any old grudges and join forces together with Xue the Xiaozhou team to make a fresh start.

Xue Zhang became the gold medal sales champion in the insurance industry in addition, Hu Manli decided to return to her former work.

A Better Life Cast

Betty Sun as Hu Man Li

Dong Zi Jian as Xue Xiao Zhou

Xu Wai Luo as Ding Da Er

Chen Tian Ming as Yang Yi Chang

Connie Kang as Yu Ki / Yu Ke

Myolie Wu as Qiu Li Su

Ye Qing as Tang Ling

Gao Xin as Ding Zhi Yuan

Liu Jun as Guest Role

Jeremy Qu as Support Role

Fan Shi Qi as Support Role

Tong Lei as Support Role

Morni Chang as Guest Role

Zhou Ye Mang as Support Role

Zhao Long Hao as Guest Role

Fenny Wu as Support Role

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