Fen Fang Xi Shi (2024)

Fen Fang Xi Shi is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2024). Fen Fang Xi Shi cast: Jackie Li, He Sai Fei, Ren Hao. Fen Fang Xi Shi Release Date: 2024. Fen Fang Xi Shi Episodes: 28.

Fen Fang Xi Shi Detail

Drama: Fen Fang Xi Shi (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Shen Jin Fei
Main Stars: Jackie Li, He Sai Fei, Ren Hao
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 28
Also Known As: 芬芳喜事, Fen Fang Xi Shi 2024

Fen Fang Xi Shi Synopsis and Plot Summary

The landlord who claims she be “chaste “, turns into an “ordinary single” designated by the public authority after an illegally disrupted practice. Jing Kan is scheduled to be married by the computer intelligence Sixi to assist her in breaking free from the snares of his openness to her.

It appears that an “youthful couple” who figured that they might be able to split after marriage. They are part of an argument on how to tackle the issue of recognition tea group within the area, referred to as the Jing family.

Each room belonging to The Jing family is filled with strange things, including an area where grandmother Wei Junyi who has all the signs of being a Buddhist.

This is a smart person who is dependable and driven. The stepmother Luo Zhusi the presumptuous and beautiful oldest daughter Jing Zhenzhu, the arrogant and self-important Lu Jiao’e, who is young and well-known Luo Aji and the hesitant and refined child who is in a state of re-regulation, Lin Donglin.

In the face of a variety of challenges, simulation the intelligence of Sixi along with Jing Kan put in an effort to be honest. After having tried to surrender several times, they understood the meaning in the phrase “family” in the troublesome sutra of the Jing family.

Fen Fang Xi Shi Cast

Jackie Li as Ai Si Xi

He Sai Fei as Luo Zhu Si

Zhang Ya Meng as Xue Mu Yun

Chui Na Li Sha as Jing Zhen Zhu

Chang Long as Ruan Ling

Fan Shuai Qi as Wei Shuang Xi

Liu Xiao Bei as Luo A Ji

Haiyin Li as Cui Ying

Cao Cui Fen as Wei Jun Yi

Ren Hao as Jing Kan

Li Dian Zun as A Gui

Wang Xin Ting as Lv Jiao E

Wang Shan Shui as Lin Dong Lin

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