Liberation of Shanghai (2022)

Overall: Liberation of Shanghai is a Chinese Drama (2022). Liberation of Shanghai cast: Zhang Jia Yi, Liu Tao, Li Ze Feng. Liberation of Shanghai Release Date: October 2022. Liberation of Shanghai Episodes: 40.

Liberation of Shanghai Detail

Drama: Liberation of Shanghai (2022)
Main Stars: Zhang Jia Yi, Liu Tao, Li Ze Feng
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: October 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Liberation of Shanghai episodes,Zhan Shang Hai , 戰上海, 战上海, Liberation of Shanghai 2022

Liberation of Shanghai Synopsis and Plot Summary

The series gives an exhaustive gander at Socialist Coalition of China individuals’ endeavors to recreate the city and restore its economy after Shanghai was freed in May 1949.

It portrays how the Party frees the city and utilizations its insight, confidence and solidarity to handle various political, financial and social issues. They were effective in directing Shanghai into another time of harmony, steadiness and improvement.

In light of genuine authentic occasions, the show centers around the difficulties looked by the city chiefs in the principal year after freedom. Party individuals needed to battle outlaws and foe specialists to settle social and political request and reestablish the city’s creation and exchange.

Liberation of Shanghai Cast

Zhang Jia Yi as Chen Yi

Liu Tao as Ji Nan Yin

Li Ze Feng as Lu Xiu Yuan

Qiao Zhen Yu as Tian Guo Li

Feng Shao Feng as Rong Yi Ren

Tang Guo Qiang as Mao Ze Dong

Liu Jin as Zhou En Lai

Lo Kei as Deng Xiao Ping

Ying Er as Support Role

He Gang as Support Role

Tong Lei as Support Role

Yin Xiao Tian as Support Role

He Ming Han as Support Role

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