Beating Heart (2022)

Overall: Beating Heart is a Chinese Thriller, Movie (2022). Beating Heart cast: Wang Qian Yuan, Tan Zhuo, Huang Yang Tian Tian. Beating Heart Release Date: 26 August 2022. Beating Heart.

Beating Heart Detail

Movie: Beating Heart (2022)
Director: Arthur Wong
Main Stars: Wang Qian Yuan, Tan Zhuo, Huang Yang Tian Tian
Genres: Thriller, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 26 August 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Shi Jie Shang Zui Ai Wo De Ren , Cong Xin Kai Shi , 从心开始 , 世界上最愛我的人 , 從心開始, 世界上最爱我的人, Beating Heart 2022

Beating Heart Synopsis and Plot Summary

A frantic salvage endeavor prompts the continuation of the existences of two little kids. Their families will give their best for keep their own girl alive…

Their lives might have recently started yet they the lord of death appears to have happened upon them. Two families meet at this critical point, looked by the horrible reality and the direness of time that have become weighty shackles restricting their frantic guardians.

Beating Heart Cast

Wang Qian Yuan as Ding Yi Ming

Tan Zhuo as Ou Li Chun

Huang Yang Tian Tian as Jiang Xiao Yu

Ai Mi as Ding Yan

Zhou Tie as Yang Feng

Darren Wang as Chen Min Zhong

Andrew Lane Cawthon as Doctor Wilson

Gong Jin Guo as Support Role

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