In the Name of Justice (2024)

In the Name of Justice is a Chinese Crime, Drama (2024). In the Name of Justice cast: Zhang Yi, Li Guang Jie, Jiang Xin. In the Name of Justice Release Date: 2024. In the Name of Justice Episode: 0.

In the Name of Justice Detail

Drama: In the Name of Justice (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Fu Dong Yu
Main Stars: Zhang Yi, Li Guang Jie, Jiang Xin
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episode: 0
Also Known As: In the Name of Justice trailer, Yi Fa Zhi Ming, 以法之名, In the Name of Justice 2024

In the Name of Justice Synopsis and Plot Summary

The purpose of this study was examining the “Wanshi Group mafia case” in Haizhou Prosecutors Hong Xueyou and Zheng Yaping of the provincial prosecutor of Haidong aswell the Haizhou Municipal Procuratorate’s Li Dong, the chief prosecutor of the Haizhou Municipal Procuratorate were able identify suspect elements.

Zhang Wenqing was the suspect. Zhang Wenqing was framed and charged with overreach by the judicial team who conducted the investigation. With the help and coordination with The Provincial Political and Legal Committee and it was in a position to coordinate and coordinate with Provincial Political and Legal Committee, Provincial Anti-gang Office, the Provincial Procuratorate, as well as other departments in the areas of law and politics.

They were in charge of prosecuting the two-level courts in Haizhou City to cooperate with the local court of public security and prisons and other departments. They used the evidence they uncovered as the basis for an investigation for them to examine”213″ as well as the “213 shooting case”, using the fullest extent of the legal oversight role that falls to the prosecutor.

They totally destroyed they completely eliminated The “Tianlong Group”, a mafia group that had been infiltrating Haizhou for quite a while and removed Zhang Wenqing’s name from the list. In the in the meantime, they were able find and prosecute the crimes of dereliction that justice officials committed in Haizhou City.

In the Name of Justice Cast

Yang Shuo as Guest Role

Shi Jing Ming as Guest Role

Ding Yong Dai as Guest Role

Dong Qing as Guest Role

Feng Jia Yi as Main Role

Li Guang Jie as Main Role

Zhang Yi as Main Role

Jiang Xin as Main Role

Pan Zhi Lin as Guest Role

Shi An as Unknown

Lin Peng as Guest Role

Chen Chuang as Guest Role

Yan Shi Kui as Unknown

Wang Jin Song as Guest Role

Michelle Bai as Unknown

Xu Fan Xi as Guest Role

Hao Ping as Unknown

Ren Zhong as Guest Role

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