Yu Xue Rong Guang (2024)

Yu Xue Rong Guang is a Chinese Drama (2024). Yu Xue Rong Guang cast: Wang Ren Jun, Wang Zhi Fei, Chen Long. Yu Xue Rong Guang Release Date: 2024. Yu Xue Rong Guang Episodes: 40.

Yu Xue Rong Guang Detail

Drama: Yu Xue Rong Guang (2024)
Network: CCTV
Director: Chen Li
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Wang Ren Jun, Wang Zhi Fei, Chen Long
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: 浴血榮光, 浴血荣光, Yu Xue Rong Guang 2024

Yu Xue Rong Guang Synopsis and Plot Summary

A kidish Socialist Coalition of China was the one to settle what was known as”the Nanchang Uprising and the Fall Collect Uprising and set up that the Jinggangshan basis. They also created individuals as’military.

It was relocated to the western region of Fujian to conduct a test on fire and blood. The investigation lasted for several days prior to reaching the crucial decision to alter the ideology of the founding of the party also in establishing the significance of the military at the Gutian Gathering. Gutian Meeting. Gutian Gathering.

The enemy was defeated through five methods that encompassed all-encompassing activities as well as concealment and concealment, the concealment of information The Red Armed force started the Long Walk, a 25,000-mile Long Walk.

During the Long Walk, the Red Armed force was faced with dangers and difficulties when they smashed through four barricades, and were engaged in a gruelling fight with the Xiangjiang Waterway, and got through the Wujiang Stream.

In a crucial moment in an era which seemed to suggest Chinese tensions were battling to survive, and later waning, Mao Zedong turned the direction. Mao Zedong together alongside Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Zhang Wentian, Wang Jiaxiang and other progressive proletarians of older years were the organizers of Zunyi Gathering. Zunyi Gathering.

Yu Xue Rong Guang Cast

Ning Nan as Deng Zi Hui​​​​

Wang Zhi Fei as Main Role

Chen Long as Support Role

Liu Zhi Yang as Support Role

Cao Yu Chen as Support Role

Ju Wen Pei as Support Role

Dong Yong as Support Role

Liu Zhi Bing as Support Role

Hu Bing as Support Role

Wang Ren Jun as Main Role

Zhang Hui Wen as Support Role

Jiang Yi Yi as Support Role

Gong Zhe as Support Role

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