Created in China (2024)

Created in China is a Chinese Drama (2024). Created in China cast: Zhang Xin Cheng, Song Zu Er, Wang Yan Lin. Created in China Release Date: 2024. Created in China Episodes: 35.

Created in China Detail

Drama: Created in China (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Li Xue
Main Stars: Zhang Xin Cheng, Song Zu Er, Wang Yan Lin
Genres: War, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 35
Also Known As: Da Jiang Da He Wai Zhuan, 大江大河外传, 艱難的制造 , 大江大河外傳, Jian Nan De Zhi Zao, 艰难的制造, Created in China 2024

Created in China Synopsis and Plot Summary

The television show “Hard Manufacturing” is adapted from Anai’s novel with the same title.

The background of the era runs from 1998 to the year 2008. As it battles the wave of reforms that came in spring the Chinese manufacturing industry has seen fluctuations and ups and downs during the turbulent times.

Private businessman Liu Jun returned from overseas and was reunited with his old acquaintance Qian Hongming.

The two worked together to get to where they are today. Then, they were introduced to Lin Yue due to their talents.

They also fought with him due to their abilities and eventually became enemies. They were confronted with issues like the monopoly of suppliers of materials factories, fires in factories, as well as environmental security.

Liu Jun relied on his extraordinary ability and determination to make the difficult transition from being a manufacturer to an executive.

As his career progressed quickly, he came across Cui Bingbing, a shrewd and smart bank loan officer via an unintentional date set up through his dad Liu Shitang.

The contact between them grew more intense their bond grew more stable and they entered into the world of romance. Marriage palace.

After getting married, Liu Jun adapted to the home environment, delved into ways to manage business and fought through difficulties.

Then, with the best technology and optimism He was able to overcome the challenges of life and completed the transformation as well as improvement at Tengfei Factory again and again.

Enabling it to be the leader in the flood of China’s manufacturing industry, and take the position.

Created in China Cast

Zhang Xin Cheng as Liu Jun

Song Zu Er as Cui Bing Bing

Wang Yan Lin as Qian Hong Ming

Ren Cheng Wei as Liu Shi Xing

Zhang Yue as Lin Chuan

He Yu Hong as Shen Jia Li

Liu Yi Tie as Lu Hua Dong

Wang Ying Lu as Yu Shan Shan

Wu Chao as Manager Zhu

Xue Hao Jing as Cheng Qi Fan

Fenny Wu as Fu Qiu Fang

Gao Lu as Qian Hong Ying

Lian Lian as Wei Chun Hong

Yang Shuo as Lei Dong Bao

Yang Cai Yu as Liang Si Shen

Liu Jun as Chief Wang

Liu Yi Jun as Lu Guang Fa

Wang Kai as Song Yun Hui

Zhu Yu Chen as Lin Yue

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