Cai Cong (蔡聪)

Cai CongSynopsis and Plot Summary

Cai Cong female is also known by the name of Cong Cai. Young writer and director who hails from Mainland China. graduated from the Chinese Communication University.

Videos of the works that are representative are available. Small personal woodland Wu Yun Hui Yue My sweet little germophobe colored Asajojin Shirazu I am looking at your smile Girl’s Transformation as Exciting as a FlowerSeason 1.

“The second Season of Awkward Girl’s Transformation” transformation sister Transformation sibling Second season Lost Microelectronic 100 Year Wedding Shop Video: Uzuzakudai Woman in Painting Hall, Air Tower Wang Luo Dian Shi .

Through his film “A Hundred Years of Wedding Shop” He was nominated forChinese Short Film Media Awards”Best Feature film”, “Best Director”, “Best Actor”, nominated for the “Best Creative Award” of the Taipei International Short Film Festival, etc.


First Name: Cong
Native Name: 蔡聪
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female


Use for My Talent (2021)

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