Best Choice Ever (2024)

Best Choice Ever is a Chinese Drama (2024). Best Choice Ever cast: Yang Zi, Xu Kai, Niu Jun Feng. Best Choice Ever Release Date: 2024. Best Choice Ever Episodes: 38.

Best Choice Ever Detail

Drama: Best Choice Ever (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Tian Yu
Writer: Li Jing Ling
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Yang Zi, Xu Kai, Niu Jun Feng
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: Story of Joy, Cheng Huan Ji, 承歡記, 承欢记, Best Choice Ever 2024

Best Choice Ever Synopsis and Plot Summary

Mai Cheng Huan post-95 girl born into a typical family in Shanghai She was a bridesmaid to her lover Xin Jia Liang, on the request of her mother Liu Wan Yu.

But the favorable economic circumstances that surrounded the Xin family led to this initially an equal emotional bond incompatible.

However the mother’s over-involvement in her daughter’s life-long activities has led to a rift between Mai Cheng Huan and Xin Jia Liang. Between being loyal to her parents and loyal to her own self Mai Cheng Huan was unable to figure out an avenue.

She eventually broke free from the maternal care of her mother and began to become more focused and enthused with her job.

Mai Cheng Huan’s transformative journey has been acknowledged by her step-grandmother and she has entrusted her with the most important job of managing a hotel.

Yao Zhi Ming, the step-grandfather’s grandchild and a professional hotel manager, gradually gets to know and accepts Mai Cheng Huan as they work with her. The two begin working together and are in a close relationship.

In real life, Yao Zhi Ming was at the heart of the genuine sentiments that surrounded the Mai family and his bond with Mai Cheng Huan grew hotter up.

Starting from “Cheng Huan’s knees” to “self-achievement”, Mai Cheng Huan is on an incredible growth path that is solely hers.

Best Choice Ever Cast

Yang Zi as Mai Cheng Huan

Xu Kai as Yao Zhi Ming

Niu Jun Feng as Xin Jia Liang

Gala Zhang as Mai Cheng Zao

He Sai Fei as Liu Wan Yu

Xu Ling Yue as Mao Yong Xin

Yao An Lian as Mai Laitian

Jeremy Qu as Fang Da

Wang Zi Wei as Zhu Bao Xuan

Bao Chen Xi as Qian Duo Duo

Guo Yun Qi as He Dong

Estelle Wu as Chen Shu Zhen

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