San Sheng Wu Shang (2024)

San Sheng Wu Shang is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). San Sheng Wu Shang cast: Zhong Li Li, Guan Yue, Xie An Ran. San Sheng Wu Shang Release Date: 2024. San Sheng Wu Shang Episodes: 26.

San Sheng Wu Shang Detail

Drama: San Sheng Wu Shang (2024)
Director: Wen Hong Yi
Writer: Li Rui Xue
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Zhong Li Li, Guan Yue, Xie An Ran
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 26
Also Known As: 三生无殇, San Sheng Wu Shang 2024

San Sheng Wu Shang Synopsis and Plot Summary

San Sheng Wu Shang” is directed by Wen Hongyi , with Zhou Jianyong and Li Ruixue as supervisors and Li Ruixue as chief producer.

It features Zhong Lili as well as Guan Yue (in not in a particular order) and features appearances from Xie Anran and Wu Hai , A web drama with Yin Rui , Jiao Xuerui, Song Yifan and others.

It tells the tale of Shang You Shang You, a young girl of the Holy Spirit tribe who was killed on her wedding day.

To revive the tribe she was from, she took action through the steps and, in the process she came across and was in love to Pluto Si Yuan. Together, they secured the lives around the globe.

San Sheng Wu Shang Cast

Zhong Li Li as Shang You

Guan Yue as Si Yuan

Xie An Ran as Mo Lan

Wu Hai as Yin Chen

Yin Rui as Feng Shan Cha

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