Endless August (2024)

Endless August is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Endless August cast: Rain, Victoria Song, Fu Xin Bo. Endless August Release Date: 2024. Endless August Episodes: 50.

Endless August Detail

Drama: Endless August (2024)
Director: Wang Jing Ru
Writer: Zhao Xia Ying
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Rain, Victoria Song, Fu Xin Bo
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 50
Also Known As: Ba Yue Wei Yang, August Is Not Over Yet, August Not the End,八月未央, Endless August 2024

Endless August Synopsis and Plot Summary

Weiyang and Lin Qiao are best friends. Chaoyan has fallen in love Weiyang as well. Lin Qiao is attracted to Chaoyan and Shen Bayue is a naughty and independent person. After graduation, Weiyang joined a book publishing company.

Lin Qiao spent the whole day with the group looking for jobs. Chaoyan was working in an agency for advertising, while Shen Bayue was left to her own devices throughout the day.

As a result of the accident, Shen Bayue was rescued by Weiyang from a fight. Shen Bayue was accepted into Weiyang’s universe from that point from then and became a part of the company and was able to work.

This caused a lot of problems and eventually a conflict between them. But eventually, she was able to resolve each one at a time by using her own expertise and was a close associate of her work. She was not successful and her colleagues eventually moved to Weiyang.

The relationship was broken in the relationship between Shen Bayue and Weiyang sisters. She was also the target of Weiyang with regard to all matters. Chaoyan quit because of Weiyang’s love for Shen Bayue and Weiyang went on a journey to expand her brain and find answers to her career’s failure, friendships between friends, and other issues.

Endless August Cast

Zhang Xin Er as Cui Qian

Wang Ji Xian as Guest Role

Zhang Ge as Wei Yang | Young

Lu Zhan Xiang as Guest Role

Li Hong Lei as Manager Liu

Alex Zong as Guest Role

Sun Jia Lu as Shen Jing Bei

Rain as Shen Ba Yue

Yang Qing as Wen Miao Miao

Tang Yu Meng as Zhang Jing Xian

Victoria Song as Wei Wang

Angela Chen as Lily

Xin Yi as Xiao Lao Shu | Shen Ba Yue’s friend

Pema Jyad as Pang Bo

Kim Kwang Min as Li Xian Feng

Pan Zhi Lin as Lin Chao

Rong Rong as He Wan Tin

Fu Xin Bo as Chao Yan

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