You are My Youth (2022)

Overall: You are My Youth is a Chinese Youth, Movie (2022). You are My Youth cast: Li Ming Yuan, Zhang Shan Nan. You are My Youth Release Date: 18 March 2022. You are My Youth.

You are My Youth Detail

Movie: You are My Youth (2023)
Director: Zhang Shan Nan
Writer: Zhang Shan Nan
Main Stars: Li Ming Yuan, Zhang Shan Nan
Country: China
Genres: Youth, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 March 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Nian Shao You Ni, 年少有你, You are My Youth 2022

You are My Youth Synopsis and Plot Summary

Mo Cai Ning is an ordinary excessive college student. Because the head trainer is her own aunt, her every circulate cannot break out the eyes of her aunt, so she usually pretends to be an amazing pupil, however in essence she is an uncompromising famous person chaser.

The arrival of transfer scholar Gu Tian Qi delivered a big change in her at the beginning non violent existence. She found that this eye-catching tablemate changed into surely the more youthful brother of her idol, Gu Yun Fan. Mo Cai Ning promised to maintain this mystery. But the news of the unique identity still unfold like wildfire, and as a end result, there has been a misunderstanding along with her excellent pal Princess Zhang. Classmate Tong Hui and others united to clear up the problem.

In getting alongside, Mo Cai Ning is determined to become an awesome person like Gu Tian Qi. In the blink of a watch, the iciness vacation has arrived, and below the grand fireworks, everyone has established their own goals in life, and walked toward the longed-for destiny with valuable friendship.

You are My Youth Cast

Li Ming Yuan as Gu Tian Qi

Zhang Shan Nan as Main Role

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