Xiao Cai Mi (2023)

Overall: Xiao Cai Mi is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Xiao Cai Mi cast: Zhao Yi Qin, Li Jia Qi, Jiang Jun Han. Xiao Cai Mi Release Date: 2023. Xiao Cai Mi Episodes: 24.

Xiao Cai Mi Detail

Drama: Xiao Cai Mi (2023)
Director: Tian Li
Writer: Pei Yu Fei
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Zhao Yi Qin, Li Jia Qi, Jiang Jun Han
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Little Fortune Fan, 小财迷, Xiao Cai Mi 2023

Chun Hua Lan Man Chen Xiao Zhu Synopsis and Plot Summary

When Ling Se is going to pass on her home to reside unreservedly at eighteen years old, she meets Xu Zi Lu, the most extravagant man in the district who is against her all over the place, and who is supposed to fear ladies.

Ling Se is cajoled by him to turn into his significant other. While heading to Beijing to go after the sovereign’s shipper, Ling Se and Xu Zi Lu not just become increasingly more gifted in business, yet in addition draw nearer to one another.

Xiao Cai Mi Cast

Zhao Yi Qin as Xu Zi Lu

Li Jia Qi as Ling Se

Jiang Jun Han as Wang Zhu Jue

Pan Yue as Ping Er

Ju Ke Er as Tao Mei Li

Deng Zhi Yuan as Ling Shuo

Wu Ye as Liu Ye Niang

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