Wulin Heroes (2023)

Overall: Wulin Heroes is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). Wulin Heroes cast: Li Hong Yi, Huang Ri Ying, Zhu Zan Jin. Wulin Heroes Release Date: 29 January 2023. Wulin Heroes Episodes: 22.

Wulin Heroes Detail

Drama: Wulin Heroes (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Zhu Dong Ning
Main Stars: Li Hong Yi, Huang Ri Ying, Zhu Zan Jin
Country: China
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 January 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 29 January 2023-15 February 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
Episodes: 22
Also Known As: Wu Lin You Jiao Qi, Wulin Has Squeamish, Wulin Has Pride, 武林有骄气 , Wu Lin You Xia Qi, 武林有侠气, Wulin Heroes 2023

Wulin Heroes Synopsis and Plot Summary

With a good nature and a normally agreeableness, Ye Xi could have been a model young woman, had it not been for her elevated dreams and optimistic goals. Needing with her entire existence to become one of her age’s most prominent and most chivalrous military craftsmen, Ye Xi has done all that she could to make her fantasies work out as expected. Little does she understand that the street to turning into a legend is much of the time tormented by an endless series of hardships.

Totally uninformed about the way that the human heart frequently harbors an evil side, Ye Xi is stunned when her endeavors to help the frail are met with obscurity and double dealing. Utilized, deceived, and sold out by everyone around her, Ye Xi before long tracks down her standing wrecked and her life in danger. Shockingly enough, even after these determined assaults on her personality and, surprisingly, her life, Ye Xi won’t abandon her conviction that equity normally possesses the hearts of individuals; a conviction that just develops further after she meets a heavenly specialist by the name of Bai Yue.

With Bai Yue’s assistance, Ye Xi figures out how to beat her preliminaries, learning priceless illustrations about existence, love, and the genuine soul of hand to hand fighting. However, will these examples be sufficient to assist them with annihilating the filth who keep on carrying mischief to Ye Xi and her kin? Furthermore, will cherish follow for this hopeful couple?

Wulin Heroes Cast

Li Hong Yi as Bai Yue

Huang Ri Ying as Ye Xi

Zhu Zan Jin as Cang Qi

Zhang Xin Yan as Lin Xiao Xiao

Victor Wang as Cang Nan

Qi Pei Xin as Tang Huan

Li Xing Chen as Chu Yao

Sun Hao as Support Role

Cui Yi Shao as Xiao Bei

Jiang Peng as Tang Yang

Cui Yi Shao as Xiao Bei

Zhou Yao as Li Ke

Shao Yan Yuan as Li Si

Zhu Dong Ning as Hei Sha

Wang Zi Wei as Wang Xiao Hua

Kong Lian Shun as Wang Da Niu

Guo Yun Fei as Seventh Uncle

Chen Shi Min as Mo Rou

Shu Ya Xin as Scholar

Wang Qian as Female Guard

Wang Ming Hui as Physician

Li Chao as Young Man

Li Bin as Physician

Kenan Sheng as Village Kid

Ouyang Ming Hao as Little Monk

Li Ming Zhu as Woman

Li Bin as Storyteller

Feng Li Ping as Storyteller

Zhao Hai Feng as Minister

Zhao Hai Yu Ning as Guard

Wang Kuang Yu as Wanton Guy

Song Ya Gang as Local Thug

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