A League of Nobleman (2023)

Overall: A League of Nobleman is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2023). A League of Nobleman cast: Jing Bo Ran, Song Wei Long, Wang Duo. A League of Nobleman Release Date: 30 January 2023. A League of Nobleman Episodes: 29.

A League of Nobleman Detail

Drama: A League of Nobleman (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Yang Fan,  Jia Xiao Xiong
Writer: Li Lin
Main Stars: Jing Bo Ran, Song Wei LongPlease Don’t Spoil Me Season 5, Wang Duo
Country: China
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 January 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 30 January 2023-13 February 2023
Aired On: Monday
Episodes: 29
Also Known As: Zhang Gong An , The Society of Four Leaves , The Case of Mr. Zhang , Case of Judge Zhang , 张公案 , Jun Zi Meng, 君子盟, A League of Nobleman 2023

A League of Nobleman Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zhang Ping is an unfortunate researcher who meanders the roads, utilizing his expertise of pulling noodles to earn enough to pay the rent. He is nosy in nature and likes to include himself with government cases. Utilizing his sharp observational abilities and out-of-the-container thinking, he gets a handle on the exceptional places of each case. He isn’t popular with others because of his singular nature.

Lan Jue, the Pastor of Ceremonies, is continually entangled in the political hardship of the court. Having an effortless and exquisite appearance, he appears to lead a going great life however conceals a set of experiences obscure to a large number.

While heading out to the Capital for the Public Assessments, Ping unconsciously becomes trapped in Jue’s mysterious activity. Utilizing smart thinking, Ping addresses the case, upsetting Jue’s arrangement. While saving Jue’s life, It Jue’s confidential to Ping finds.

From now on, the pair, in spite of being inconsistent in status and having contrary goals, become dear companions. Together they will deal with intense cases directly and life-and-demise circumstances. With Jue’s suggestions, Ping changes from an unfortunate researcher to a pastor in the Dali Sanctuary, where he settles cases and handles court issues, meanwhile separating himself as a splendid analyst.

A League of Nobleman Cast

Jing Bo Ran as Lan Jue

Song Wei Long as Zhang Ping

Wang Duo as Gu Qing Zhang

Guo Cheng as Chen Chou

Hong Yao as Wang Yan

Shawn Zhang as Emperor

Chen Chuang as Er Pi Jiang

Hou Tong Jiang as Teacher

Terry Li as Lan Lin

Jampa Tseten as Xu Dong

Ren Luo Min as Wang Qin

Shi Yue Ling as Empress Dowager

Wang Jian Guo as Ying Xi

Yang Yun Zhuo as Xuan Ji

Zong Xiao Jun as Boss Jia

Zhang Zhi Zhong as Gong Shang Shu

Yang Meng as Liu Xian

Zhang Shao Rong as Tao Zhou Feng

Xie Chun Yi as Jin Ying

Sun Yi Fan as Xue Xiao

Du Sun Yu Yu as Xiao Qian Qian

Liu Xue Yi as Royal uncle

Oscar He as Lan Jue Young

Zheng Qian Li as Zhang Ping Young

Tang Hao as Phantom Ghost Boy

Wang Xuan as A Niang

Ruan Ju as Zhi Xia

Du Xiu Jun as Dou Fang

Wang Jia Ning as Li Niang

Zhang Qiao Er as Han Yan

Gu Yu Han as Gong Yu Zhen

Li Long as Hong Luo

Ju Jin Zhan as Xiong Xiao

Zhang Tian Qi as Shao Zhi

Jing Ming as Ji Wen

Qin Yi Ming as Guo Yin

Zhang Lei as Chang Wei

Qiang Chuan as Wang Cheng

Ding Yu Jia as Ma Lian

Li Zhe Hao as Fei Xing

Gao Sheng Hao as Bai He

Michael Mao as Wang Da Jiang

Wang Yang as Registrar Liu

Feng Xiang as Uncle Yang

An Wei as Grandma Li

Luo Ning as Fang Yu

Wang Kuang Yu as Liu Yu

Du Jian Qiao as Huyun Immortal

Liu Yang as Qing Feng

Yan Jin Feng as Xie Yao

Bell Jin as Wan Zhuang

Bai Dong Feng as Imperial Physician Wang

Zhang Wei Fu as Uncle Li

Wang Zi Qian as A Hu

Yang Hao Tian as Gu Qing Zhang Young

Sheng Zi Hang as Er Pi Jiang Young

Zhong Wei Hua as Zuichunwan Shopkeeper

Wang Xin Fang as Elder Servant of Lan Mansion

Shen Kai as Late Emperor

Wei Zhi Qiang as Chamberlain of Xuan Ji Mansion

Feng Li Ping as Patriarch

Crystal Xu as Gong Yu Zhen’s servant

Bai Jing Jing as Elder Palace Maid

Wang Ming Hui as Supervisor of Directorate

Yang Bin as Literati

Hao Tong Tong as Literati

Yue Jun Ling as Old beggar

Li Chang Zhi as Chamberlain of Feihua Attic

Wang Zhao as Craftsman

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