Thirteen Years of Dust (2023)

Overall: Thirteen Years of Dust is a Korean Mystery, Drama (2023). Thirteen Years of Dust cast: Chen Jian Bin, Chen Xiao, Chuai Ni. Thirteen Years of Dust Release Date: 6 April 2023. Thirteen Years of Dust Episodes: 24.

Thirteen Years of Dust Detail

Drama: Thirteen Years of Dust (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Liu Hai Bo
Main Stars: Chen Jian Bin, Chen Xiao, Chuai Ni
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 6 April 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 6 April 2023-18 April 2023
Aired On: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Dark Night Detective , The Light of the Dark Night , 黯夜之光 , An Ye Zhi Guang , An Ye Ming Tan , Feng Chen Shi San Zai , 黯夜明探, 尘封十三载, Thirteen Years of Dust 2023

Thirteen Years of Dust Synopsis and Plot Summary

It recounts the narrative of a progression of sequential manslaughters in Nandu, quite a while back. Wei Zheng Rong, an old police officer who is at the lower part of his life, drove Lu Xing Zhi, a novice cop who had recently joined the work, to research the reality of the case.

After rehashed visits and examinations, because of the limits of criminal examination innovation at that point, the inability to lock the suspect’s case turned into an inexplicable case. Notwithstanding, the actual proof testing in a homicide case 13 years after the fact brought the chronic homicide case a long time back to the surface once more.

The two lawbreaker cops who explored the case that year indeed worked together for an assessment. After the difficult work of various veteran lawbreaker cops, the genuine killer was at long last found and dealt with, so equity was finished.

Thirteen Years of Dust Cast

Chen Jian Bin as Wei Zheng Rong

Chen Xiao as Lu Xing Zhi

Chuai Ni as Yang Man

Liu Min Tao as Hu Hai Xia

Zuo Xiao Qing as Bai Xiao Fu

Lawrence Wang as Qu Zhen Xiang

Yu En Tai as Zhang Si Cheng

Tan Kai as Guo Sheng Li

Niu Piao as Chief Huo

Zheng Qi as Yang Zhe

Nie Yuan as Jiang Hui

Essay Wang as Yao Le

Zhang Yi Chi as Wu Xiao Wen

Dong Qing as Du Mei

Wang Zheng Quan as Lao Lv

Guo Yong Zhen as Ma Cheng Qun

Zhang Zhe Hua as Support Role

Jia Xiao Han as Lu An Ning

Baater Liu as Wu Jia

Zhao Zhuo Ting as Zhao Zhen Ming

Zhai Xiao Xing as Chief Niu

Li Xiao Qian as Xiao Wei

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