The Trust (2023)

Overall: The Trust is a Korean Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). The Trust cast: Song Yan Fei, Zhang Hao Wei, Li Jun Chen. The Trust Release Date: 6 April 2023. The Trust Episodes: 30.

The Trust Detail

Drama: The Trust (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: He Zhen Hua
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Song Yan Fei, Zhang Hao Wei, Li Jun Chen
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 6 April 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 6 April 2023-27 April 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: No Doubt In Us , Liang Bu Yi , En Ai Liang Bu Yi , 恩爱两不疑, 两不疑, The Trust 2023

The Trust Synopsis and Plot Summary

Conceived the little girl of an extraordinary general, Xu Yu was lifted with a blade in her hand. Preparing from an extremely youthful age, Xu Yu is as proficient with a bow as she is with a sword and her expertise as a horseman equals that of her dad’s men. A gifted fighter, Xu Yu not even once engaged the possibility of some other way.

To save her striving family, Xu Yu consents to wed Ruler Xiao Jin Yun. As unique in relation to Xu Yu as night and day, Jin Yun favors books to fights. Knowing from the very outset they won’t ever get along, the love birds like to spend their days as distant from one another as could be expected. However their gatherings are not many, they’re much of the time essential, none more so than a gathering by the pool that changes both of their lives in a moment. Falling into the pool together, the sovereign and ruler are stunned to find that they have some way or another figured out how to trade spirits.

Caught in one another’s bodies, it doesn’t take long for Xu Yu and Jin Yun to understand that neither has as enchanted an existence as each had accepted. Will living from one another’s perspective permit them to mend the break between them or just compound the situation?

The Trust Cast

Song Yan Fei as Xu Yu

Zhang Hao Wei as Xiao Jin Yun

Li Jun Chen as Xu You Ran

Ma Li as Pei Xin Zhu

Yvonne Yung as Queen Mother

Cao Jun Xiang as Xiao Jin Ming

Yu Bo as Xu Ding

Shen Chi as Military officer

Miao Hao Jun as Support Role

Lin Zi as Hu Na

Xuan Yi Hao as Zhang Yu

Lin Zi Lu as Bao Jian

Zhou Yu Chen as Xiao Jin Yun Young

Marco Li as Zhen Bei Hou

Lin Yan Rou as Tao Shu Ren

Marmalade Zhang as Li Mei Ren

Yu Zhi Hui as Qin Mei Ren

Tan Jian Chang as Pei Tai Cheng

Feng Ming Jing as Jiang Tang

Zu Ka Er as Ta Ta Er Ji Ji

Zeng Li Yao as Bao Dao

Bai Zhi Jie as Wu Du

Li Ji as Xu Jun

Marco Chang as Yun Yang Bo

Liu Xi Zi as Hao Yun Lai

Jiang Bing as General Chen

Ren Xi Hong as Zha Mu Xi

Wen Dong Jun as A Bu Hui

Maya Lau as Mu Dan

Liu Xiu as Da Li Si Qing

Ren Luo Min as Old Minister

Linda Zhang as Madame Heng Shan Gong

Long De as Ba Lu

Wang Kai Jie as Zhi Er

Yan Jin Feng as Yan Er

Yang Jing Tian as Xiao Jin Le

Geng Da Yong as Physician Li

Liu Xue Song as Zuo Xin

Chen En Tao as Officer Wang

Li Chao as Yun Bo’s subordinate

Liu Kai Xuan as Slim Official

Feng Li Ping as Old adviser

Li Yan Sheng as Old Scholar

Hao Tong Tong as General

Liu Ze Yu as Messenger

Zhao Hai Yu Ning as Lieutenant

He Zhen Hua

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