The Memory (2021)

Overall: The Memory is a Chinese Drama (2021). The Memory cast: Xiang Hao. The Memory Release Date: 15 February 2021. The Memory Episodes: 10.

The Memory Detail

Drama: The Memory (2021)
Network: Youku
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Xiang Hao
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 February 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 15 February 2021
Also Known As: You Ru Gu Ren Lai, 犹如故人来, The Memory 2021

The Memory Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lin Chu Fan is the owner of the inn through his deceased pal. he is a phantom eater.

He is ideal at concocting “the area of stunning food” via food, in order that guests can unwind inside the “realm of beautiful food”.

Dong Li became the “black coronary heart squeeze” through Lin Chu Fan, responsible for the front desk, butler, waiter… and different responsibilities.

Lin Chu Fan is continuously “curing” the psychological troubles of the visitors. however, because the guests come and move, he starts to sense that some things are odd.

He can weave the phantasm for the visitors, but he can never enter his own “sweet food.” “, i will’t seem to bear in mind the beyond; a girl named “Xiao Xiao” came to him and made him experience acquainted, and the girls in Xiao Xiao’s thoughts appeared to have a unusual reference to him; he even determined that they appeared to be unable to get out of this mountain.

The Memory Cast

Xiang Hao as Lin Chu Fan

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