Blade of Flame (2021)

Overall: Blade of Flame is a Chinese Action, Mystery, Movie (2021). Blade of Flame cast: Xie Miao, Wang Li Na, Yue Dong Feng. Blade of Flame Release Date: 25 February 2021. Blade of Flame.

Blade of Flame Detail

Movie: Blade of Flame (2021)
Main Stars: Xie Miao, Wang Li Na, Yue Dong Feng
Genres: Action, Mystery, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 February 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 25 February 2021
Also Known As: The Legend of Immortal Sword Cultivation , Xiūxiān Chuán Zhī Liàn Jiàn , Xiu Xian Chuan Zhi Lian Jian, 修仙传之炼剑, Blade of Flame 2021

Blade of Flame Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Tie Jian is an normal younger man in the mortal international under the Heavenly Path of Suffering. He is eager to become immortal. However, he can not domesticate himself as he was born with out a Sword Spirit.

He takes place to drag out the Heart Burning Sword, a bequest of the Sword Sage, which includes the Mysterious Fire that goes inner him by means of accident.

The international is constantly invaded by way of the Snow Basilisk and the mutants. People go through because the evil tries to seize the Sword. Tie Jian leads the practitioners to set foot at the Path, preventing in opposition to the immortal powers. However, this is simplest part of a larger conspiracy!”

Blade of Flame Cast

Xie Miao as Tie Jian

Wang Li Na as Ning Xiao Xiao

Yue Dong Feng as Chen Guang

Yi Guo Qiang as Guardian

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