The Love You Give Me (2023)

Overall: The Love You Give Me is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). The Love You Give Me cast: Wang Zi Qi, Wang Yu Wen, Cui Yi Xin. The Love You Give Me Release Date: 2023. The Love You Give Me Episodes: 28.

The Love You Give Me Detail

Drama: The Love You Give Me (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Ding Ying Zhou
Writer: Guo Shuang
Main Stars: Wang Zi Qi, Wang Yu Wen, Cui Yi Xin
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 24 April 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 24 April 2023-10 May 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Episodes: 28
Also Known As: Ni Gei Wo De Xi Huan, 你给我的喜欢, The Love You Give Me 2023

The Love You Give Me Synopsis and Plot Summary

A long time back, a young lady named Min Hui inadvertently succumbed to a young fellow named Xin Qi. However, things between them were convoluted in light of the fact that Min Hui was professing to be Xin Qi’s tragically missing cherished, lifelong companion in an off track method for aiding the companion who had passed on unexpectedly. Besides, Xin Qi experienced a perilous and possibly hazardous heart condition, and Min Hui currently frantically enamored, didn’t have any desire to see him endure.

It didn’t improve the situation that each time she attempted to come clean with him, he would remove her, not trust her, or his heart condition would backslide. At the point when he at long last scholarly the whole truth, he cut all binds with her.

Presently, after five years, they are brought together at a business occasion in the most awkward of circumstances. Min Hui has ascended to turn into a Research and development partner to one of the chiefs at a tech firm and Xin Qi has likewise become well known as the President of a venture company. Concluding that “destiny” has brought them back into contact for an explanation.

Xin Qi chooses to take the entirety of his past indignation and double-crossing out on Min Hui. In any case, “destiny” likewise uncovers that Min Hui has a child, who is experiencing a similar careful heart condition.

Xin Qi causing him to acknowledge through a progression of occasions that he’s the dad – much to the lovable kid’s joy! After a sincere discussions, clarifications, and, surprisingly, an idiosyncratic living plan, might these two at any point pardon one another and themselves for the errors the two of them made before and revive their adoration, presently as a completely developed family?

The Love You Give Me Cast

Wang Zi Qi as Xin Qi

Wang Yu Wen as Min Hui

Cui Yi Xin as Min Quan Quan

Li Chuan as Zhou Ru Ji

Ma Xin Rui as Xiao Mu

Chen Xin Hai as Chen Jia Jun

Li Xing Yao as Yao Zi Zhu

Kim Jin as Cheng Qi Rang

Jill Hsu as Xin Di

Mei Bao Lai as Lin Xi Yue

Li Wei Long as Hardy

Aliya as Cheng Yi Ting

Su Zi Shan as Cai Wen Ji

Other Cast

Bao Da Zhi as Zheng Bang Guo

Han Ming Xi as Ding Yi Feng

Zhang Ling Yi as Jia Jia

Angus Yang as Zhang Bei Bei

Song Ji Chao as Yang Yang Yang

Hank Qi as Cai Wen Bin

Adrian Han as Ding Yi Feng

Jason Zhang as He Hai Xiang | Manager | BE Agile Medi Tech

Barbie Zhang as Zhong Mei Mei | Ding Yi Feng’s assistant

Lan Cheng as Pu Hua

Zheng Xiao Wan as Pu Hua’s wife

Zoe Su as Dou Dou

Zhang Feng An as Matchmaking guy

Li Yi Xin as Tang Xin Ning

Liu Yi Ran as Xin Qi | Young

Qin Hai as Tang Jian Gong

Wu Jian as Chairman Gao

Teng Bao Cai as Police Officer Deng

Sun Le Tian as Jiang Sheng | man on the bus

Lu Yao as Lawyer Yan

Wang Kun as Director Li | Orphanage Director

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