Ding Ying Zhou

Ding Ying Zhou Plot

Brought into the world in Taipei City, Taiwan, moved on from Fuxing Business and Workmanship Dept and entered the business in 1991.

In 1997, he wandered into Central area China, participating in show and film work. Beginning around 2006, he has been focused on photography and photography direction.

Yingzhou has been a chief beginning around 2009 and has coordinated “The Winx Red Wine”, “Piff Legend”, “Brilliant Life”, “My Family Story 4”, “Two Blossoms”, “Thinking Magnificence”, “Assault on Lightning”, “Forlorn Sovereign”, “Ni Chang”, “Deserted”, “You Are My Predetermination” and numerous other film and TV shows.


First Name: Ying Zhou
Native Name: 丁英洲
Also Known as: Yingzhou Ding, Ding Yingzhou
Nationality: Taiwanese
Gender: Male
Born: 24 July 1973
Age: 49


Ni Chang (2021)

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