The Litchi Road (2024)

The Litchi Road is a Chinese Drama (2024). The Litchi Road cast: Lei Jia Yin, Yue Yun Peng, Lu Fang Sheng. The Litchi Road Release Date: 2024. The Litchi Road Episode: 0.

The Litchi Road Detail

Drama: The Litchi Road (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Cao Dun
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Lei Jia Yin, Yue Yun Peng, Lu Fang Sheng
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episode: 0
Also Known As: Lychee in Chang’an, Chang An Lychee, Chang An Di Li Zhi, 長安的荔枝, 长安的荔枝, The Litchi Road 2024

The Litchi Road Synopsis and Plot Summary

Li Shande was deceived by his coworkers, and subsequently became a supervisor and an “lychee envoy”.

He was compelled to assume an “death” task of transporting fresh lychees from Lingnan to Chang’an to celebrate the birthday of a regal concubine.

The Lychees “changed their color in one day”. “The fragrance changes in two days, and the flavor changes in three days.”

But, Lingnan is more than five thousand miles from Chang’an and the rivers and mountains are so vast that it is a daunting task.

To ensure the safety for his child Li Xiuer for the rest of her life, Li Shande reluctantly set off to Lingnan while simultaneously.

Zheng Pingan who was seeking evidence to support the left-leaning premier to declare his right-hand prime minister’s felony of amassing wealth, arrived in Lingnan first.

The Litchi Road Cast

Lei Jia Yin as Main Role

Yue Yun Peng as Main Role

Lu Fang Sheng as Support Role

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