The Knockout (2023)

Overall: The Knockout is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). The Knockout cast: Zhang Yi, Zhang Song Wen, Li Yi Tong. The Knockout Release Date: 14 January 2023. The Knockout Episodes: 39.

The Knockout Detail

Drama: The Knockout (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Xu Ji Zhou
Main Stars: Zhang Yi, Zhang Song Wen, Li Yi Tong
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 14 January 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 14 January 2023-2 February 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 39
Also Known As: Punch Out , Kuang Biao , 狂飆, 狂飙, The Knockout 2023

The Knockout Synopsis and Plot Summary

A Xin, a bleeding edge criminal cop in Jinghai City, is continually in a battle with the dark and malicious powers, and is always unable to deal with the crooks. After the public political and legitimate group instruction and correction work, Linjiang Region sent a directing gathering to Jinghai, joined with the public indictment, regulation and equity offices, to clear the bad components inside the political and lawful group.

This squashed the protectionistic measures the dark and detestable powers have established in the framework, and all at once, he figured out how to destroy areas of strength for the that has been cooped up in Jinghai for a long time.

The Knockout Cast

Zhang Yi as An Xin

Zhang Song Wen as Gao Qi Qiang

Li Yi Tong as Meng Yu

Zhang Zhi Jian as Meng De Hai

Wu Gang as Xu Zhong

Ni Da Hong as Uncle Tai

Han Tong Sheng as Li You Tian

Li Jian Yi as Ji Ze

Shi Zhao Qi as An Chang Lin

Li Jian as Li Xiang

Gao Ye as Chen Shu Ting

Lawrence Wang as Yang Jian

Wu Jian as Support Role

Hao Ping as Cao Chuang

Jia Bing as Xu Jiang

Lin Jia Chuan as Tang Xiao Long

Su Xiao Ding as Gao Qi Sheng

Alan Aruna as Li Hong Wei

Bao Da Zhi as Zhao Li Dong

Ling Zhuo as Lu Han

Cheng Jin Ming as Huang Yao

Yue Xiu Qing as Xu Zhong’s wife

Zhao Da as Guo Shan Feng

Shen Dan Ping as Aunt Cui

Shu Yao Xuan as Huang Lao

Song Jia Teng as Ma Zi

Ning Xiao Zhi as Guo Wen Jian

Sun Yan as Tang Xiao Hu

Cui Zhi Gang as Gong Kai Jiang

Wang Pei Lu as Feng Lu Zi

Wang Hong as Li Qing

Zheng Jia Bin as Secretary Wang

Feng Bing as Old Mo

Murphy Zhao as Zhang Biao

Leo So as Zhang Da Qing

Kang Fu Zhen as Lu Song

Zhao Long Hao as Jiang Tian

Qin Yan as He Li Ming

Huo Qing as Zhou Zhi He

Zhan Jing Yi as Fang Ning

Kang Ai Shi as Wang Zheng

Alvin Chao as Luo Tuo

Wang Yi Qin as Zhang Xiao Qing

Guo Jia Hao as Sun Xu

Yu Mo Fan as Shi Wei

Ye Fu Sheng as Lu Tao

Jiang Hao Yan as Guo Zhen

Ye Qi Shan as Tan Si Yan

Bian Yuan as Wang Li

Wang Zhi Peng as Pi Hu Zi

Cao Yang as Yang Jian’s mother

Luo Er Yang as Bai Jiang Bo

Li Lu Qi as Police

Xu Jia Le as Xiao Chen Young

Xiao Wei as Chief Doctor, Emergency Department

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