The Disappearing Child (2022)

Overall: The Disappearing Child is a Chinese Thriller, Drama (2022). The Disappearing Child cast: Tong Da Wei, Kelly Yu, Li Sheng. The Disappearing Child Release Date: 29 August 2022. The Disappearing Child Episodes: 12.

The Disappearing Child Detail

Drama: The Disappearing Child (2022)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Tian Li
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Main Stars: Tong Da Wei, Kelly Yu, Li Sheng
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 August 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 29 August 2022-27 September 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Sea Anemone , Hai Ku , Xiao Shi De Hai Zi , 海葵, 消失的孩子, The Disappearing Child 2022

The Disappearing Child Synopsis and Plot Summary

On the early morning of the colder time of year solstice, Yang Yuan’s nine-year-old child vanished without a follow in the flight of stairs. The police found that he had slipped into a neighbor’s home not long before his vanishing. The dubious neighbor has a strong plausible excuse, as though somewhat controlling an enchanted room escape.

On the opposite side of the unit, Yuan Wu’s dad kicked the bucket abruptly subsequent to drinking. To accept his annuity, Yuan Wu chose to conceal his dad’s body in the investment property. During the period, he experienced the anxiety toward deception and reality, and unintentionally addressed another secret.

A half year prior, Lin Chu Ping, a solitary female middle class specialist residing alone, awakened in her home and observed that she was disregarded in her rest, yet knew next to nothing about the guilty party, just a piece of ether cloth left on the window ledge.
These apparently irrelevant individuals, in various reality Overlap one another and begin their excursion of tracking down replies.

The Disappearing Child Cast

Tong Da Wei as Yang Yuan
Kelly Yu as Lin Chu Ping
Li Sheng as Tso Fang
Lin Meng as Xiao Ye
Vision Wei as Yuan Wu
Wu Qi Jiang as Xu An Zheng
Liu Qi Qi as Xu En Huai
Leo Li as Yang Mo
Wu Hao Chen as Wu Jun
Yao Yu as Xiang Yi
Jackal Gao as Lin Wen Zhao
Xu Min as Tao Jian She
Li Xiao Yan as Gu Fen
Zheng Yu as Yuan Ping An
Liang Li as Weng Chun Xia
Ding Hong as Xia Yun Qing’s husband
Wang Ting as Wu Shuang
Zheng Qiang as Lin An Cheng
Chen Hui Juan as Sister Meng
Yang Han Bin as Zhang Fan
Zima Yunyi as Xiao Qing
Ge Zhao Mei as Room 102’s mother
Li Hong Lei as Man who lives in Room 301
Duan Ran as Doctor
Li Yu Xuan as Head nurse
Li Yi Ze as Staff member
Gong Jin Guo as Old Xu
Zhu Feng as Roadside stall owner
Luo Ming as Casino owner
Dany Lee as Zhang Ye

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