The Coolest World (2021)

Overall: The Coolest World is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). The Coolest World cast: Zhou Yu Tong, Li Hong Yi, Wang Dong. The Coolest World Release Date: 25 August 2021. The Coolest World Episodes: 40.

The Coolest World Detail

Drama: The Coolest World (2021)
Network: iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Director: Leon Li
Main Stars: Zhou Yu Tong, Li Hong Yi, Wang Dong
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 August 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 25 August 2021-22 September 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Also Known As: The World is Cool , Zui Ku De Shi Jie , Zhe Shi Jie Hao Ku , Zhe Ge Shi Jie Hen Ku , 这世界好酷 , 这个世界很酷, 最酷的世界, The Coolest World 2021

The Coolest World Synopsis and Plot Summary

For so long as she will do not forget, Teng Xiao Xiao has dreamed of in the future being presented the celebrated Pulitzer Prize. Doing everything she will to make that dream a reality, Xiao Xiao has poured her coronary heart and soul into her paintings, writing for a sure mag. But when the booklet is suddenly sold out by a brand new media enterprise, all of her hard work counts for naught. Kept on with the aid of the new control, Xiao Xiao nevertheless has a activity but she’s been decreased to nothing greater than a lowly intern. Forced to begin her entire profession over, Xiao Xiao should work her manner from the ground up, again, if she’s ever going to make her desires come real. With no other preference, Xiao Xiao musters every ounce of her power and determination and receives to paintings. By her facet are a team of similarly committed individuals, which includes Duan Chong and Lu Mang, who’re each working tough to make their personal goals come proper.

In the unexpectedly changing and fiercely competitive world in which they paintings, Xiao Xiao and her co-workers are decided to find approaches to keep shifting forward, searching for the proper stability among new and conventional media. But will this determination by myself be enough to make their dreams come genuine?

The Coolest World Cast

Zhou Yu Tong as Teng Xiao Xiao
Li Hong Yi as Duan Chong
Wang Dong as Lu Mang
Zhao Zhuo Ting as Guo Dong
Guan Xin as Chen Ying
Chen Jin Ru as Qin Qiao
Wu Ze Nan as Hong Hui
Bao Jian Feng as Jin Yuan
Cui Xin Xin as Zhu Xiao Wen
Liu Yun as Ding Nuo
Zhu Yu Chen as Fang Lue
Zheng Xiao Ning as Li Bo
Cao Lei as Yin Zhi Yao
Jenny Xiao as Liu Zi Feng
Liu Cheng Lin as Nie Jia Fan
Marco Leng as Support Role
Yin Qi as Qiao Yuan
Fang Xiao Li as Guest Role
Cai Gang as Guest Role

The Coolest World Trailer

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