Snake King Island (2021)

Overall: Snake King Island is a Chinese Movie (2021). Snake King Island cast: Shao Yun, Steven Liu, Wang Hong Qian. Snake King Island Release Date: 21 July 2021. Snake King Island.

Snake King Island Detail

Movie: Snake King Island (2021)
Main Stars: Shao Yun, Steven Liu, Wang Hong Qian
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 July 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: King Serpent Island , She Wang Dao , Se Wong Dou , 蛇王島, 蛇王岛, Snake King Island 2021

Snake King Island Synopsis and Plot Summary

This tale is ready Snake King’s descendants teaming up with animal protection professionals to fight in opposition to a black market snake hunting gang sold by way of real property developers on Snake King Island.

In order to broaden the Snake King Island, the income-searching for Jin Estate developer has paid a number of money to shop for the black market snake searching gang headed with the aid of Kim Lao Si in an try to clear the island from the snake. Chen Zheng’s goal is to verify the existence of the mythical Titan Python, the queen of snakes. He teamed up with the animal protection expert Zhou Xiao Xiao to combat off Kim Lao Si in addition to for survival… What came about on Snake King Island is continuously challenging.

Snake King Island Cast

Shao Yun as Zhou Xiao Xiao

Steven Liu as Chen Zheng

Wang Hong Qian as Jin Lao Si

Snake King Island Trailer

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