Survival Code (2021)

Overall: Survival Code is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Survival Code cast: Wang Jun He, Gong Mi, Leon Zhang. Survival Code Release Date: 2022. Survival Code Episodes: 34.

Survival Code Detail

Drama: Survival Code (2022)
Main Stars: Wang Jun He, Gong Mi, Leon Zhang
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 2022
Also Known As: Survival Password , Sheng Cun Mi Ma, 生存密码, Survival Code 2022

Survival Code Synopsis and Plot Summary

At the point when a visit bunch unintentionally experience a sea shore and become caught on a remote location not a long way from the city. Seven men and four ladies investigate and attempt to make due on this island, experiencing things like deficiency of new water and food, the different perils of brutal monsters and wild considerations disintegrating their convictions and confidence.

Wen, a piece of this visit bunch, is a solid, kind, sweet and able young lady. Here, she met a maverick man, Qin Langtian, and innovation adroit He Lin. Each of them three have totally different characters, yet they strolled together in view of destiny. To have the option to escape this remote location alive, they went through the trial of various threats together and encountered the enthusiastic strife of adoration and disdain. At the point when they returned securely, the survivors were suprised to discover that this was all essential for a connivance.

Survival Code Cast

Wang Jun He as Qin Lan Tian

Gong Mi as Wen Wen

Leon Zhang as He Lin

Song Zi Qiao as Liu Zhuo Ran

Li Dai Kun as Du Xiao Chun

Dean Liu as Zheng Peng

Liu Zi Kai as Support Role

Zhang Yu Jie as Ma Ke

Liu Yang as Zhao Yao

Zhang Kai Yi as Wang Jiao Jiao

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