Detention Center (2022)

Overall: Detention Center is a Chinese Crime, Drama (2022). Detention Center cast: Kevin Tan, Wang Xue Bing, Wan Mei Xi. Detention Center Release Date: 2022. Detention Center Episodes: 30.

Detention Center Detail

Drama: Detention Center (2022)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Zhang Jian Dong
Main Stars: Kevin Tan, Wang Xue Bing, Wan Mei Xi
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: 看守所, Detention Center 2022

Detention Center Synopsis and Plot Summary

The girl detective Lin Xiaoke is a unmarried mother. By threat, she become organized to be the director of the penitentiary. Lin Xiaoke, who became busy at work, turned into caught in a lawsuit towards her ex-husband Feng Chaohui and a own family war wherein her mother pressured a blind date. At the same time, The mysterious and detached Chen Songtao struck her heartstrings and broke into her lifestyles.

The work of the director of the prison enabled her to have zero-distance touch with the prisoners. She had to be prepared to cope with all varieties of emergencies that entangled love, hatred, hatred, and legal favors always. At this time, Lin Xiaoke had a crush on her in the course of university. Li Xiaodong, the deputy director of Li Xiaodong, gave his help. In this method of worrying, educating, and saving, Lin Xiaoke felt the value of lifestyles and the preciousness of freedom. Lin Xiaoke, who has experienced all of the americaand downs from paintings, life and love, now not best received his love and happiness, but additionally sublimated the hatred of criminals that has been buried in his coronary heart for decades into human beings and existence. Love and care.

Detention Center Cast

Kevin Tan as Main Role

Wang Xue Bing as Main Role

Wan Mei Xi as Support Role

Li Nini as Unknown

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