Stop! Miss Hua (2022)

Overall: Stop! Miss Hua is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2022). Stop! Miss Hua cast: Judy Qi, Ryan Zhang, Gao Ji Cai. Stop! Miss Hua Release Date: 2022. Stop! Miss Hua Episodes: 24.

Stop! Miss Hua Detail

Drama: Stop! Miss Hua (2022)
Network: Mango TV, Mango TV
Main Stars: Judy Qi, Ryan Zhang, Gao Ji Cai
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 2022
Also Known As: Zhan Zhu! Hua Xiao Jie , Stand Still! Miss Hua , Miss Hua , Zhanzhu! Hua xiaojie, 站住! 花小姐, Stop! Miss Hua 2022

Stop! Miss Hua Synopsis and Plot Summary

Hua Mingyue is the granddaughter and heir of the chairman of the the world over renowned H Group. But she is an unlearned, playful dandy. Grandpa referred to as her to the employer that day and ordered her to be the corporation’s popular manager. Ms. Hua knew that she turned into incapable of doing the task, and she found numerous motives to resist, but she couldn’t help her grandpa, so she may want to handiest make up an excuse to slide. After a blunder, I met Qin Donghai, who came to use for the activity, and the two left a horrific first impression on every different.

The chairman turned into moved by means of Qin Donghai’s “pink and professional, sturdy enough to shield” resume, and tempted him to be the tutor of his granddaughter, Miss Hua, and hoped that he would lead Ms. Hua on the right song. Qin Donghai agreed. Due to his grandfather’s energy, Hua Mingyue needed to take delivery of Qin Donghai as a teach, however secretly tried to do away with him.

She is arrogant, who knows that Qin Donghai’s domineering attributes are more potent than her; she began “diverse works” once more, intentionally showing her personal evil virtues, but Qin Donghai is still better at her capabilities and keeps her easy. After a time frame, the chairman saw the development of his granddaughter and become very happy with Qin Donghai’s paintings.

The “Flower Sea” struggles continuously. However, throughout an inspection of a subsidiary, Ms. Hua was trapped in a hearth. At the moment whilst the hero of Qin Donghai rescued the splendor, Miss Hua turned into greatly surprised.

Stop! Miss Hua Cast

Judy Qi as Hua Ming Yue
Ryan Zhang as Qin Dong Hai
Gao Ji Cai as Chen Jing Ran
Su Meng Di as Yao Sheng Nan
Liu Yin Jun as Hua Ming Chen
Johnny Zhang as Qi Fei
Xue Ba Yi as Gao Ren

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